CM Revised the Wheat Rate in Punjab After Ghandum Scheme

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CM Revised the Wheat Rate in Punjab After Ghandum Scheme

In a recent development, the Punjab government has revised the wheat rates under the Ghandum Scheme, aimed at providing relief to wheat farmers across the province. This move comes amidst widespread criticism directed at Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif for her involvement in wheat crop cutting during a visit to Kartarpur.

Criticism Leveled at Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz
Impact on Wheat Prices in Punjab

Criticism Leveled at Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz

Reports reveal that during her visit to Kartarpur, images and videos circulated on social media showing Maryam Nawaz cutting wheat crops with a golden sickle. This sparked significant backlash from social media users and raised questions about the government’s handling of wheat procurement and support for farmers.

Impact on Wheat Prices in Punjab

The aftermath of the controversy has seen a crash in wheat prices in Punjab, with farmers being forced to sell below the government’s minimum support price of Rs. 3,900 per 40 kg. Some farmers are reportedly selling their produce for as low as Rs. 3,200 per 40 kg, while private buyers are offering Rs. 3,600 per 40 kg. This situation has put immense financial strain on farmers across the province.

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Revised Wheat Rates after Ghandum Scheme

In response to the outcry and to address the concerns of farmers, the Punjab government has taken swift action by revising the wheat rates under the Ghandum Scheme. The new rates are designed to provide better compensation to wheat growers and stabilize the market.

District / CityNew Wheat
Minimum Rate
New Wheat
Maximum Rate
ArifWala3,250 PKR3,550 PKR
Ali Pur3,000 PKR3,300 PKR
AhmadPur Sharqia3,200 PKR3,320 PKR
Bahawalnagar3,250 PKR3,500 PKR
Bahawalpur3,450 PKR3,600 PKR
Bhakkar3,400 PKR3,700 PKR
Burewala3,000 PKR3,250 PKR
Chichawatni3,350 PKR3,500 PKR
Chishtian3,300 PKR3,450 PKR
Chowk Azam3,350 PKR3,600 PKR
Chakwal3,350 PKR3,550 PKR
Chowk Munda3,380 PKR3,560 PKR
Dera Ghazi Khan3,300 PKR3,400 PKR
Dera Ismail Khan3,500 PKR3,700 PKR
Dunga Bunga3,200 PKR3,450 PKR
Faisalabad3,300 PKR3,600 PKR
Faqirwali3,300 PKR3,500 PKR
Fazil Pur4,000 PKR4,090 PKR
Fortabbas3,200 PKR3,370 PKR
Gujranwala3,600 PKR3,700 PKR
Haroonabad3,270 PKR3,400 PKR
Hasilpur3,200 PKR3,350 PKR
Islamabad3,550 PKR3,600 PKR
Kahror Pakka3,450 PKR3,750 PKR
Khanpur3,370 PKR3,420 PKR
khanewal3,500 PKR3,830 PKR
Layyah3,350 PKR3,450 PKR
Lahore3,600 PKR3,850 PKR
Lodhran3,500 PKR3,750 PKR
Maroot3,300 PKR3,350 PKR
Multan3,500 PKR3,800 PKR
Mianwali3,300 PKR3,700 PKR
Mian Channu3,400 PKR3,500 PKR
Minchanabad3,200 PKR3,350 PKR
Muzaffargarh3,500 PKR3,800 PKR
Okara3,700 PKR4,000 PKR
Pattoki3,500 PKR3,700 PKR
Pakpattan Sharif3,200 PKR3,500 PKR
Rahim Yar Khan3,300 PKR3,460 PKR
Rajanpur3,200 PKR3,350 PKR
Rawalpindi4,000 PKR4,100 PKR
Sadiqabad3,350 PKR3,500 PKR
Sahiwal3,400 PKR3,500 PKR
Sargodha3,600 PKR3,750 PKR
Sheikhupura3,500 PKR3,800 PKR
Toba Tek Singh3,300 PKR3,400 PKR
Vehari3,200 PKR3,450 PKR
Yazman Mandi3,200 PKR3,430 PKR


The Punjab government’s decision to revise wheat rates under the Ghandum Scheme reflects its commitment to supporting farmers and addressing the challenges facing the agricultural sector. While criticisms and controversies persist, initiatives like these play a crucial role in ensuring the welfare of farmers and maintaining stability in the wheat market.

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