Major relief in Electricity bills for April 2024 as Eid Scheme

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Major relief in Electricity bills for April 2024 as Eid Scheme

The newly-formed government of Pakistan has announced a significant relief in electricity bills for April 2024 under the fuel cost adjustment (FCA) as part of the Eid Scheme. This move comes as a boon for citizens grappling with rising utility costs, offering tangible financial relief amidst economic challenges.

Key Highlight Electricity Eid Scheme

Key Highlight Electricity Eid Scheme

  1. Reduction in Electricity Prices:
    • Federal Minister for Energy, Sardar Awais Leghari, has declared a noteworthy reduction in electricity prices by Rs3.82. This reduction is directly attributed to the adjustment in fuel costs.
  2. Decrease in Fuel Cost Adjustment (FCA):
    • The FCA for the current month has been slashed by Rs2.14, bringing it down to Rs4.92 per unit from the previous Rs7.06 per unit.
  3. Impact on First Quarter Fiscal Year Bills:
    • Initially set at Rs4.43, the FCA for the first quarter of the fiscal year has now decreased to Rs2.75. This translates to a substantial decrease of Rs1.68 per unit in electricity bills.
  4. Lower Bills for the Current Month:
    • Minister Leghari assures that the bills for the running month will be notably lower compared to the previous month, easing the financial burden on consumers.

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MonthPrevious FCA (Rs/unit)Current FCA (Rs/unit)Reduction (Rs/unit)
April 20247.064.922.14
First Quarter4.432.751.68

Explanation of Fuel Cost Adjustment (FCA)

Fuel Cost Adjustment (FCA) is a mechanism through which changes in the cost of fuel used in the generation of electricity are passed on to consumers. It is determined every month, allowing for adjustments to be made in electricity prices to reflect fluctuations in fuel costs. While Nepra sets the reference tariff for the entire year, FCA ensures that consumers are billed fairly according to the current cost of fuel.


The relief in electricity bills for April 2024, introduced under the Eid Scheme, marks a significant step towards easing the financial burden on consumers. With reductions in both electricity prices and fuel cost adjustment, this initiative reflects the government’s commitment to providing affordable utilities and fostering economic stability. As citizens benefit from lower bills, this measure is poised to positively impact households and stimulate economic growth.

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