800,000 Students Get E-bikes Through Motorcycle Scheme

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In a significant development, Bilal Akbar Khan, Punjab’s Minister for Transport, announced exciting new details about the Punjab Bike Scheme. This initiative aims to provide e-bikes to 800,000 students across the province.

Key Highlights of the Punjab Bike Scheme

Key Highlights of the Punjab Bike Scheme

At a press conference in Lahore, Minister Bilal Akbar Khan shared that around eight lakh students have shown strong interest in the scheme by applying for the e-bikes. This initiative aligns with the Chief Minister’s vision to support underprivileged students and improve their mobility.

Target Beneficiaries800,000 students
Applications ReceivedAround 8 lakh students
Focus AreaEmpowering women, promoting sustainability
Infrastructure UpgradesAll bike stations in Lahore
Economic ImpactJob creation, women empowerment

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Benefits of E-bikes for Students

Minister Khan expressed hope that the e-bikes would have a positive impact, especially for female students. By encouraging the use of e-bikes, the scheme aims to empower women and contribute to economic growth. The convenience and accessibility of e-bikes can help students navigate roads more easily and safely.

The minister also mentioned ongoing upgrades to all stations in Lahore to ensure a smooth experience for users of the Punjab Bike Scheme. This highlights the government’s commitment to promoting sustainable transportation and improving accessibility for students and the broader public.

How many students will receive e-bikes through this scheme?

The scheme aims to distribute e-bikes to 800,000 students.


The Punjab Bike Scheme is a transformative initiative aimed at providing 800,000 students with e-bikes, promoting sustainable transportation, and empowering women. With significant interest from students and ongoing infrastructure upgrades, this scheme is set to make a positive impact on the province’s transportation landscape and economic growth.

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