LHC permits the Electric Bike Distribution Scheme

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LHC permits the Electric Bike Distribution Scheme

In a recent hearing aimed at combating smog and environmental pollution, the Lahore High Court (LHC) has set a pivotal condition for the Punjab government’s environment-friendly electric motorcycle scheme. This initiative, intended to promote sustainable transportation, will only proceed if it secures an environmental No-Objection Certificate (NOC).

Key Highlights from the LHC Ruling

Key Highlights from the LHC Ruling

  • Date of Hearing: Recent session
  • Presiding Judge: Justice Shahid Karim
  • Core Issue: Environmental compliance for electric bike scheme

Importance of the Environmental NOC

Justice Shahid Karim emphasized that compliance with environmental laws is crucial for government projects. The court has made it clear that moving forward with the electric bike distribution without obtaining an NOC would be considered a criminal offense. This stringent measure underscores the LHC’s commitment to addressing environmental pollution.

AspectElectric Motorcycle SchemeFossil-Fuel Vehicle Schemes
NOC RequirementYesNo
Environmental ImpactLowHigh
LHC Compliance MandateYesNo

An interesting point raised during the hearing is the inconsistency in the requirement of NOCs. While the electric motorcycle scheme necessitates an environmental NOC, fossil-fuel vehicle schemes, which are more harmful to the environment, do not. This discrepancy highlights a significant gap in the current regulatory framework.

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Broader Environmental Initiatives

The LHC’s focus is not limited to the electric motorcycle scheme. The court has ordered several other measures aimed at environmental conservation:

  • Restoration of City Parks: Complete restoration and safety improvements mandated.
  • LDA Directives: Restoration of seven sports complexes.
  • Tree-Felling Report: Detailed report required on tree-felling activities.
  • Compliance Reports: The Punjab government is to submit a comprehensive report on environmental measures by May 27.

Why does the E-Bike scheme require an environmental NOC?

The LHC has mandated the NOC to ensure that the scheme complies with environmental laws and contributes positively to pollution control efforts.


The LHC’s ruling on the electric bike distribution scheme marks a significant step towards enforcing environmental accountability in government projects. By requiring an environmental NOC, the court ensures that the scheme aligns with broader pollution control efforts. This decision, coupled with other environmental directives, reflects the court’s proactive stance on environmental conservation.

For more details and updates, stay tuned as the Punjab government prepares to submit its comprehensive report by May 27.

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