Dates Announcement for 9000 Ehsaas Muft Rashan Riayat Kafalat Program

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Dates Announcement for 9000 Ehsaas Muft Rashan Riayat Kafalat Program

The Government of Pakistan has taken significant strides in its commitment to social welfare through the Ehsaas program. In a recent development, the government has announced important dates for the initiation of the Ehsaas Muft Rashan, Riayat, and Kafalat Program. This program aims to provide essential support to vulnerable segments of society, ensuring their access to basic necessities. In this article, we provide you with the crucial dates and details regarding the program’s initiation.

Schedule of Ehsaas Rashan Riayat and Kafalat Program

Schedule of Ehsaas Rashan Riayat and Kafalat Program

The government has issued a notification regarding the commencement of the Ehsaas Muft Rashan, Riayat, and Kafalat Program. According to the notification, the formal installment of the Kafalat program is set to begin in the first week of September. The anticipated dates for the program’s initiation are from September 5 to September 10. This marks an important step forward in ensuring the timely and effective distribution of support to those who need it the most.

Ehsaas Muft Rashan Riayat Kafalat Program

One of the notable updates is the incorporation of improvements in the program’s distribution system. The government is committed to enhancing the process of delivering assistance to the beneficiaries. The new ration scheme brings about advancements in the existing system, making it more accessible and user-friendly. These improvements are designed to streamline the process of obtaining subsidies, ensuring that eligible individuals can avail themselves of the benefits seamlessly.

PMT Score Verification for Punjab Rashan Riayat Program

  • Participation in the new ration scheme requires a PMT (Poverty Monitoring Toolkit) score of 40 or lower.
  • The PMT score establishes eligibility for the program.
  • To assess your PMT score, search “PMT Score by Ehsaas NADRA” on Google.
  • Follow the link to enter your ID card number and retrieve your PMT score.
  • Verify your PMT score before September 15, as this is the last chance to do so.

Deadline for Subsidy Eligibility

This visit is essential to secure permanent eligibility for the subsidy. Beneficiaries who fulfill this requirement will continue to receive assistance without the need for PMT score reevaluation.

Eligibility CriteriaActions RequiredDeadline
PMT ScoreMaintain a score of 40 or less
Participation in the Rashan SchemeMeet the PMT score criterion
Visiting Utility StoreVisit the utility store at least onceBefore Sep 15

Distribution Mechanism for 9000 Ehsaas Muft Rashan

The government is committed to ensuring a smooth distribution process for the program’s beneficiaries. The installment of the sponsorship program will be distributed through HBL agents or Bankpal retailers. This mechanism ensures that beneficiaries can conveniently collect their payments from established outlets. Furthermore, it is anticipated that, following the release of the program’s installment, payments will also become accessible through ATMs after approximately two weeks.


The forthcoming start of the Ehsaas Muft Rashan, Riayat, and Kafalat Program signifies a significant step toward achieving inclusive social welfare in Pakistan. The government’s dedication to improving the distribution system and streamlining processes is commendable. By adhering to the outlined dates and requirements, eligible individuals can secure their rightful access to subsidies and support. It is an opportunity for citizens to benefit from the program and alleviate financial burdens. Let’s work collectively to ensure the success of this initiative and uplift those in need.

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