IMF Demands to Increase In BISP 10500 Payment

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IMF Demands to Increase In BISP 10500 Payment

As Pakistan and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) continue their negotiations for a new bailout package, a significant focus has been placed on expanding poverty alleviation and social security programs. One key program under discussion is the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP). The IMF has emphasized the need for increased budget allocations and enhanced transparency to ensure these programs effectively support vulnerable populations.

Current State of 10500 Benazir Kafaalat

Key Highlights of the IMF’s Demands

  • Expansion of Coverage: The IMF demands an expansion in the coverage of poverty alleviation programs like BISP.
  • Budget Allocation: An increase in budget allocation for cash transfer programs.
  • Transparency and Accountability: Ensuring transparent and accountable implementation of these programs.

Current State of 10500 Benazir Kafaalat

Funding and Allocation

  • Allocated Budget: Rs472 billion for the current year.
  • Provincial Contributions: Efforts are being made to persuade provinces to share the burden of social security initiatives.

Beneficiary Statistics

  • Current Beneficiaries: 9.3 million families.
  • Additional Beneficiaries: 300,000 families to be added this year.
  • Health Cash Transfer Program: 900,000 families registered.
  • Education Cash Transfer Program: 1.9 million children enrolled.

Future Goals

  • Dynamic Registry: Inclusion of 20 million households by September 2024.
  • Increased Funding: Plans to allocate more funds for social security programs in the next financial year.

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The IMF has recognized the improvements in Pakistan’s social security programs over recent years. However, it stressed the need to further enhance the administrative capacity of BISP to ensure effective implementation and to safeguard the integrity of these social programs.

CategoryCurrent NumbersFuture Targets
Total Families Benefiting9.3 million+300,000 families this year
Health Cash Transfer Program900,000 families
Education Cash Transfer Program1.9 million children
Dynamic Registry Inclusion20 million households by 2024

Why is the IMF demanding an increase in BISP payments?

The IMF believes that expanding and increasing the coverage of BISP will help alleviate poverty and support vulnerable segments of society, especially amid economic challenges.

What future expansions are planned for BISP?

Pakistan aims to include 20 million households in a fully functional dynamic registry by September 2024 and plans to increase funding for social security programs in the next financial year.


As Pakistan navigates its economic challenges, the expansion of social security programs like BISP is crucial for supporting its most vulnerable populations. The IMF’s demands for increased allocations and enhanced transparency are aimed at ensuring these programs can effectively alleviate poverty and promote inclusive development. With continued efforts and international support, Pakistan can strengthen its social safety nets and make significant strides towards reducing poverty and improving the quality of life for its citizens.

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