Increment of 2000 Cash In BISP Kafaalat June Payment

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Increment of 2000 Cash In BISP Kafaalat June Payment

The Government of Pakistan has decided to increase the Benazir Kafaalat payment from Rs. 10,500 to Rs. 12,500, providing additional support to eligible families across Pakistan. Previously, beneficiaries of the Kafaalat program were receiving Rs. 8,500.

Why the Increase in Benazir Kafaalat Payment?

Why the Increase in Benazir Kafaalat Payment?

The increase of 10% in the Benazir Kafaalat payment aims to counter the effects of inflation, ensuring that the beneficiaries can better meet their living expenses in these challenging times.

How to Check Your Payment?

You can easily check if you are eligible for the increased payment by following these simple steps:

Via SMS:

  1. Go to the SMS inbox of your mobile phone.
  2. Type your National Identity Card (CNIC) number.
  3. Send it to 8171.
  4. Wait for a response from BISP.
  5. You will receive a message informing you whether the increased payment has been transferred to your account or not.

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Via Web Portal:

  1. Visit the BISP web portal by typing 8171 on your mobile or laptop browser.
  2. Enter your CNIC number in the form on the home page.
  3. Fill in the four-digit captcha code.
  4. Click the submit button.
  5. Check your payment and verify your eligibility.

Registration Process for the Increased Payment

If you are not already registered for the Benazir Kafaalat program, follow these steps to register and avail the increased payment:

  1. Visit your nearest Benazir Income Support Program office.
  2. Contact the representative at the NSER Registry Help Desk.
  3. Provide your CNIC number and Child Bay Form to the representative.
  4. Fill out the NSER Dynamics Survey form with your name, address, mobile number, number of household members, and housing information.
  5. The representative will complete the registration process and provide you with an NSER slip for application status tracking.

Who is Eligible BISP Kafalat?

The following individuals are eligible for the Benazir Kafaalat increased payment:

  • Individuals belonging to poor and deserving families.
  • Those whose poverty level is less than 35%.
  • Individuals who do not own any vehicle registered in their name.
  • Those who own less than four acres of land.
  • People who have not obtained a passport.
  • Individuals living in rented accommodations.
  • Women who are widows, divorced, or whose husbands have passed away.


In conclusion, the increment in the Benazir Kafaalat payment aims to alleviate financial strain for vulnerable families. By understanding the eligibility criteria and payment procedures, individuals can ensure timely access to this vital support.

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