15500 Ramadan Package Installment Unveiled by Shahbaz Sharif

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15500 Ramadan Package Installment Unveiled by Shahbaz Sharif

The anticipation for the Ramadan season brings not just spiritual reflection but also the excitement of special packages and discounts offered by various entities. In Pakistan, the federal government of Pakistan’s recent announcement regarding the 2024 Ramadan subsidy package for utility stores has sparked widespread interest and enthusiasm. With a substantial allocation of 5 billion rupees, this initiative aims to ease the financial burden on consumers during the holy month while ensuring access to essential commodities. Let’s delve into the details 15500 Ramadan Package Unveiled Government Allocates 5 Billion Rupees in Subsidies of this eagerly awaited update.

Key Highlights of the 2024 Ramadan Subsidy Package

The Utility Stores Ramadan Assistance Program 2024, slated to commence on March 11, 2024, promises a range of benefits for consumers across Pakistan. Here are the key highlights:

  1. Government Subsidy Allocation: A significant milestone in this year’s package is the allocation of 5 billion rupees by the federal government of Pakistan. This substantial financial support underscores the government’s commitment to facilitating the populace during Ramadan.
  2. Duration of the Scheme: The Utility Stores Ramadan Assistance Scheme will remain operational until Chand Raat, 2024, ensuring an extended period of accessibility and affordability for consumers.
  3. Discounts on Essential Products: Consumers can look forward to daily discounts on 19 essential products, catering to a diverse range of household needs. This includes staple items such as sugar, wheat flour, and ghee, among others.
  4. Project Grants: In addition to consumer benefits, the government has earmarked grants ranging from Rs 4 to Rs 50 crore for over 19 projects. This injection of funds is aimed at further enhancing the efficiency and outreach of utility stores across the country.
  5. Stock Procurement: To meet the demands of the subsidy program, energy retailers have procured a substantial quantity of 40,000 tonnes of sugar, wheat flour, and ghee packets. This proactive measure ensures a seamless supply chain and adequate availability of subsidized items.
  6. Special Ramadan Markets: Complementing the subsidy program, the Punjab government will establish special Ramadan markets in various cities of the state. These markets will serve as additional avenues for consumers to access discounted goods and experience the festive spirit.

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Daily Discounts on Essential Products

Product CategoryDiscount Range (Rs)
Sugar5 – 10
Wheat Flour8 – 15
Ghee10 – 20
Rice10 – 25
Lentils5 – 12
Cooking Oil8 – 18
Tea5 – 15
Spices4 – 10
Dates5 – 12
Beverages4 – 8
Dairy Products5 – 12
Canned Goods6 – 14
Snacks4 – 10
Toiletries6 – 15
Cleaning Supplies5 – 12
Baby Products8 – 20
Personal Care6 – 15
Bakery Items5 – 10
Frozen Foods8 – 18


As the holy month of Ramadan approaches, the unveiling of the 2024 Ramadan subsidy package by utility stores heralds a season of compassion, community, and affordability. With a generous allocation of 5 billion rupees, consumers can avail themselves of daily discounts on essential products, ensuring their needs are met during this auspicious time. The government’s proactive measures, including project grants and special markets, further reinforce its commitment to supporting the populace. As Pakistan prepares to embrace the spirit of Ramadan, the utility stores’ subsidy program stands as a beacon of hope and assistance for all.

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