How to Register for a Sehat Sahulat Card in Pakistan?

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How to Register for a Sehat Sahulat Card in Pakistan?

The Sehat Sahulat Card, also known as the Sehat Insaf Card, is a revolutionary health card initiative launched by the Punjab government. This initiative aims to provide essential healthcare services to low-income households across Punjab, thereby addressing a critical need for accessible and affordable medical care. Let’s delve into the comprehensive steps on how to register for and utilize the Sehat Insaf Card.

How to Register for a Sehat Sahulat Card in Pakistan?

What are the Benefits of the Sehat Insaf Card?

The Sehat Sahulat Card aims to provide many benefits for the needy people of Punjab:

  • Free of cost emergency services
  • Free of-cost maternity services
  • Free-of-cost surgical procedures
  • Free of-cost hospitalization
  • Free consultations and follow-ups
  • Transportation coverage

How to Apply for a Sehat Insaf (Health Card) Card in Pakistan?

Following are the steps to apply for and use the sehat insaf card:

Step 1: Check Your Eligibility

Before applying for the Sehat Insaf Card, it’s essential to determine your eligibility. Simply send an SMS with your National Identity Card (NIC) number to 8500. This quick check will confirm whether you qualify for the program.

Step 2: Obtain Your Sehat Insaf Card

Once your eligibility is confirmed, you can collect your Sehat Insaf Card from the designated card distribution center in your district. This card serves as your key to accessing free medical treatment.

Step 3: Gather the Required Information and Documents

Before seeking medical treatment using your Sehat Insaf Card, ensure you have the necessary documents on hand. These include:

  • Sehat Insaf Card / Qaumi Sehat Card
  • Original CNIC
  • B-Form (if the treatment is for a child)

Additionally, familiarize yourself with the list of empaneled hospitals under the Sehat Sahulat Program. This will help you choose the appropriate hospital for your treatment.

Step 4: Utilize Your Sehat Insaf Card for Treatment

Upon arriving at the empaneled hospital, head to the Sehat Sahulat Program (SSP) counter. A dedicated SSP representative will assist you. They will verify your Sehat Insaf Card and guide you to the relevant department within the hospital for treatment.

Step 5: Access Free Treatment

The beauty of the Sehat Insaf Card lies in its ability to offer free medical treatment. If you require hospitalization, the cost of your treatment will be covered by the card, ensuring that you receive the necessary care without financial burden.

Step 6: Provide Your Feedback

Your feedback is invaluable for the continuous improvement of the Sehat Sahulat Program. Share your experience and thoughts by calling 0800-09009. Expect a call from SSP staff as well, as they seek to gather insights on your treatment journey.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Most Asked Questions regarding Health card in Pakistan with answers are below

What if I’m deemed ineligible for the Sehat Insaf Card?

If you’re unsure about your eligibility status or believe there might be errors, call 0800-09009 to discuss your situation with the SSP team. They can clarify the criteria and reasons for ineligibility.

Can I use my parents’ Sehat Card?

Yes, if you’re unmarried, you can use your parents’ Sehat Card. However, if you’re married, this option does not apply.

Can I receive payment for an unused Sehat Card?

No, the Sehat Sahulat Program does not offer reimbursement for unused funds. The card is exclusively for healthcare services and hospitalization at designated hospitals.

How do I register for the Sehat Insaf Card?

To register, send your CNIC number via SMS to 8500. This step confirms your eligibility and initiates the registration process.

Can I register through the Naya Pakistan Qaumi Sehat Card app?

Yes, download the “Naya Pakistan Qaumi Sehat Card” app to facilitate your registration process. It’s a convenient tool provided by the Punjab IT Board.

Who is eligible for the Sehat Insaf Card?

Every citizen registered with NADRA in Punjab is eligible for the Sehat Insaf Card. This initiative is designed to benefit all residents.

How can I apply for the Sehat Insaf Card online?

Visit the provided link for online eligibility verification and application: Sehat Insaf Card Check Online.

Why might I be ineligible for the Sehat Insaf Card?

If you’re not a permanent resident of Punjab or other designated areas, as per NADRA CNIC, you may not be eligible for the program.

How often can I use the Sehat Insaf Card for medical treatment?

Each family covered by the Sehat Sahulat Program can avail priority healthcare services of up to Rs. 400,000 and secondary healthcare services of up to Rs. 60,000 using the Sehat Insaf Card. This coverage can be extended to Rs. 1,000,000 in certain cases.

Contact Sehat Sahulat Program

For further information about the Punjab health card and the Sehat Sahulat Program, reach out to the program’s staff:

The Sehat Insaf Card is a remarkable initiative that brings quality healthcare within reach for low-income households, demonstrating the government’s commitment to the well-being of its citizens. By following these simple steps, you can gain access to essential medical services without the burden of financial constraints.

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