Total 189,493 Registration Received for CM Bike Scheme

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Total 189,493 Registration Received for CM Bike Scheme

The Chief Minister of Punjab, Maryam Nawaz Sharif, initiated a bike scheme aimed at facilitating students’ transportation needs. The scheme, in collaboration with the Bank of Punjab, garnered significant attention, with a whopping 189,493 registrations received by its closure on May 1, 2024. Let’s delve into the statistics and details of this remarkable initiative.

Key Statistics of CM Bike Scheme

Key Statistics of CM Bike Scheme

  • Total Registrations: 189,493
  • Total Applications Received: 72,640
  • Petrol Bikes Applications: 57,366
  • e-Bikes Applications: 15,274

Education-Friendly Initiative

The scheme primarily targets students, particularly those enrolled in degree colleges and universities across five major cities: Faisalabad, Multan, Bahawalpur, Rawalpindi, and Lahore.

Allocation of Bikes

  • Petrol Bikes: 19,000
    • 11,676 for Male Students
    • 7,324 for Female Students
  • Electric Bikes: 1,000
    • 700 for Male Students
    • 300 for Female Students

Under the scheme, the Government of Punjab offers substantial financial assistance. For instance, while the State Bank of Pakistan mandates a 30% equity contribution from borrowers, the Punjab Government contributes Rs. 20,000 out of this amount, besides covering all mark-up on bike loans. The total subsidy under Phase-1 of the scheme amounts to approximately Rs. 1 Billion.

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Is there a helpline available for guidance?

Yes, students can seek assistance from the Bank of Punjab via the established helpline at 042-111-333-267 or by using the web portal’s messaging feature.

Can the Bank of Punjab reject loan applications?

Yes, applications may be rejected for reasons such as unsatisfactory physical verification of co-borrower/guarantor, bad credit history, high debt burden ratio, or submission of false information.

How are bikes delivered to successful applicants?

Upon receipt of payment, the vendor/dealership will either book or provide details of the bike to the Bank of Punjab for insurance. Once insured, a delivery order is issued to the dealership for the student’s bike delivery.


The CM Bike Scheme stands as a testament to the Punjab Government’s commitment to promoting education accessibility and student welfare. With a significant number of registrations received and robust financial assistance provided, this initiative is poised to make a meaningful impact on students’ lives across the province.

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