Details of Ramzan Relief Package 2024

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Details of Ramzan Relief Package 2024

Ramzan, the month of fasting and spiritual reflection for Muslims worldwide, brings with it a spirit of generosity and communal support. Recognizing the importance of ensuring access to essential commodities during this time, the federal government of Pakistan has announced the Ramzan Relief Package 2024. This package aims to provide subsidized rates for various essential items through the Utility Stores Corporation (USC), catering to millions of households across the nation.

Allocation Breakdown of Ramzan Package 2024

Allocation Breakdown of Ramzan Package 2024

The government has earmarked a substantial budget of Rs6.484 billion to facilitate the provision of Atta (Flour), sugar, ghee, and other essentials at subsidized prices. Here’s a breakdown of the allocation:

ItemSubsidy Allocation (in billion Rs)
Atta (Flour)3.474

In addition to these primary items, subsidies will also be extended to various other necessities to ensure comprehensive support to the populace.

Key Subsidized Items:

  1. Pulses and Grains: The government will provide subsidies for daal channa, daal masoor, white gram, rice Basmati, rice (sehlla), and broken rice, amounting to a total of Rs157.25 million.
  2. Cooking Essentials: Subsidies for cooking oil, daal moong (washed), daal maash (washed), baisen (chakki), and spices will be provided, totaling Rs386.25 million.
  3. Beverages and Dairy: Subsidies for beverages like carbonated drinks and squash, along with essentials like black tea and UHT milk, will be available, amounting to Rs267.5 million.
  4. Dates and Others: Subsidies for dates and an assortment of essential items round up the package, with an allocation of Rs70 million.

Implementation of Ramzan Relief Package 2024

An extensive awareness campaign, backed by a budget of Rs145 million, will be launched through electronic and print media to ensure that the populace is well-informed about the Ramzan Relief Package and its implementation details. The campaign is set to commence on Monday, 4th March 2024.

To optimize the reach of the relief package, the government has proposed the provision of subsidies to targeted beneficiaries registered under the PMT-60 category, instead of PMT-40. This adjustment aims to extend support to an additional 12.73 million households, alongside the existing 26.92 million households registered under PMT-40.


Who is eligible to benefit from the Ramzan Relief Package?

The relief package is targeted towards households registered under the PMT-60 category, encompassing a significant portion of the population in need.

How can individuals avail of the subsidized items?

Subsidized items will be available at Utility Stores Corporation outlets across Pakistan. Beneficiaries need to present their PMT-60 registration details to avail of the subsidized rates.

Will the subsidized rates be applicable throughout the month of Ramzan?

Yes, the subsidized rates will remain applicable throughout the month of Ramzan, ensuring sustained support to households in need.


The Ramzan Relief Package 2024 stands as a testament to the government’s commitment to ensuring the welfare of its citizens, particularly during times of religious significance. By providing essential commodities at subsidized rates, the package aims to alleviate the financial burden on households and foster a sense of communal support and solidarity during the holy month of Ramzan.

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