30,000 Jobs Through Punjab CM Teacher Scheme

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30,000 Jobs Through Punjab CM Teacher Scheme

The Chief Minister of Punjab, Maryam Nawaz Sharif, has unveiled a bold initiative aimed at tackling the dearth of teaching staff in the province. With the announcement of recruiting 30,000 visiting teachers for schools in the initial phase, the government aims to bridge the gap and enhance educational standards.

Maryam Nawaz Teacher Scheme Overview

Maryam Nawaz Teacher Scheme Overview

In Punjab, the School Education Department (SED) faces a significant challenge with a shortage of 115,000 teachers. This scarcity has persisted since the last major recruitment drive in 2018 during the PML-N government’s tenure.

PML-NMajor recruitment in 2018Addressed a portion of teacher shortage, but scarcity persisted
PTIIntroduced CTIs programPartially addressed vacancies in colleges, but challenges remained
Current AdministrationPunjab CM Teacher Scheme (Visiting Teachers)Aims to recruit 30,000 teachers to alleviate staff shortage in schools

Past Efforts and Initiatives

Under the previous administration, approximately 400 to 500 teaching appointments were made, primarily concentrated in specific districts like Murree and Mianwali. Additionally, the PTI government introduced initiatives such as the College Teaching Interns (CTIs) program to address staff vacancies in colleges.

What is the Punjab CM Teacher Scheme about?

The Punjab CM Teacher Scheme aims to recruit 30,000 visiting teachers to address the shortage in schools.

How will the salaries of visiting teachers be covered?

Extra funds will be allocated to school councils, which will also generate funds for other school expenses.

The Role of School Councils

In the proposed scheme, school councils will play a crucial role in managing funds for visiting teachers’ salaries and other educational needs. This decentralization aims to empower local communities and ensure efficient resource allocation.

Advocacy for Permanent Recruitment

Rana Liaqat, the General Secretary of the Punjab Teachers Union (PTU), emphasizes the importance of permanent recruitment to address the long-standing issue of teacher shortages. He highlights concerns about the potential challenges associated with hiring visiting teachers.


The Punjab CM’s Teacher Scheme represents a significant stride towards addressing the critical shortage of teaching staff in the province. By leveraging a visiting teacher model and empowering school councils, the government aims to ensure quality education for all students while creating employment opportunities for thousands of individuals.

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