Announcement of New Pension Scheme for Employees

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Announcement of New Pension Scheme for Employees

The landscape of retirement benefits is transforming Pakistan, with the federal government of Pakistan announcing a significant shift in the pension system. In response to demands from international financial institutions like the IMF, Pakistan is set to replace its traditional pension setup with a Voluntary Pension Scheme, effective from July 1st. This move aims to provide a more sustainable and flexible retirement option for employees across both public and private sectors.

Understanding the Voluntary Pension Scheme

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Understanding the Voluntary Pension Scheme

The Voluntary Pension Scheme, crafted by the Securities Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP), offers a departure from the conventional pension models. It presents a structured mechanism for employees to contribute towards their retirement savings voluntarily. Unlike the traditional setup, which relies heavily on government funding, this scheme empowers individuals to take charge of their financial future.

SectorPension FundsTotal Investment (in billion rupees)
Federal Government43Above 61
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government21N/A
Punjab GovernmentN/AN/A

Key Features of the Voluntary Pension Scheme

  • Voluntary Participation: All newly recruited government employees will automatically enroll in the Voluntary Pension Scheme from July 1st. Existing government employees can choose to remain in the traditional pension system or opt into the new scheme at their discretion.
  • Continuity of Benefits: Regardless of changes in employment or service, participants in the Voluntary Pension Scheme will continue to receive pension benefits, ensuring financial stability during retirement.
  • Private Sector Adoption: The SECP advocates for the widespread adoption of this scheme in the private sector, replacing existing Provident Fund or Gratuity offerings. By prioritizing regular income post-retirement, the scheme addresses the limitations of traditional benefits.
  • Financial Sustainability: With pension funds over 61 billion rupees and growing, the Voluntary Pension Scheme promises a sustainable solution to the financial burden posed by conventional pension obligations.

The implementation of the Voluntary Pension Scheme requires a comprehensive legislative framework. The government plans to introduce necessary legislation in the finance bill to formalize the scheme’s operation. This legal backing will provide clarity and security to participants, fostering trust and participation in the scheme.

FAQs Regarding New Pension Scheme

Who is eligible to participate in the Voluntary Pension Scheme?

All newly recruited government employees are automatically enrolled while existing employees have the option to join voluntarily.

Will existing pension benefits be affected by the transition to the new scheme?

No, employees currently receiving pension benefits will continue to do so. The transition to the Voluntary Pension Scheme is optional for existing employees.


The introduction of the Voluntary Pension Scheme marks a significant step towards modernizing Pakistan’s retirement benefits landscape. By empowering employees to actively contribute to their retirement savings, the scheme not only addresses the demands of international financial institutions but also ensures financial security and stability for the workforce. As the government moves forward with legislative measures, the Voluntary Pension Scheme is poised to become a cornerstone of retirement planning for employees across the nation.

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