How to get BISP 9000 Through Benazir Kafalat Bank System?

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How to get BISP 9000 Through Benazir Kafalat Bank System?

In a significant development, the long-awaited decision regarding the BISP 9000 installment has been announced. This time, the amount has been increased to 10,000 rupees, offering enhanced financial assistance to eligible beneficiaries. This decision marks a positive step towards supporting vulnerable segments of society. This article sheds light on the process of obtaining BISP 9000 through the Benazir Kafalat Bank System, along with the new changes and updates.

What is Benazir Kafalat Bank System?

What is Benazir Kafalat Bank System?

The decision to enhance the BISP 9000 installment from 9,000 rupees to 10,000 rupees reflects a commitment to uplift disadvantaged citizens. The increase was initially proposed by the Shahbaz Sharif government and was anticipated to be implemented. However, the caretaker government subsequently took charge and affirmed this increment, benefitting the recipients of this financial aid.

Transition from Shahbaz Sharif Government to Caretaker Government

Amidst the transition from the Shahbaz Sharif government to the caretaker government, the fate of the BISP 9000 installment remained uncertain. Nonetheless, the caretaker government not only retained the proposed increment but also introduced streamlined procedures for obtaining financial aid.

Accessing BISP 9000 through the Benazir Kafalat Bank System

To avail of the BISP 9000 installment, beneficiaries can follow a systematic process facilitated through the Benazir Kafalat Bank System. The steps include:

8500 Registering through the PWD BISP App

Beneficiaries can conveniently register for the BISP 9000 installment through the PWD app. This application collects data about disabled individuals, ensuring inclusivity in the support program.

Benazir Kafalat Installment Date

The installment disbursement will occur exclusively through the banking system in select seven districts after the 10th of September, 2023. For individuals residing outside these districts, the option of receiving installments through agents remains available. This approach ensures accessibility to financial assistance for a broader population.

Benazir Taleemi Wazaif Amount

In addition to the BISP 9000 installment for Benazir Taleemi Wazaif, beneficiaries will also receive educational stipends. These stipends are synchronized with the disbursement schedule and reflect the government’s dedication to nurturing educational pursuits.

How can I check my BISP 8500 payment by CNIC 2023?

Open the messaging app on your mobile device.
Type your National Identity Card number.
Send the typed number to 8171.
Receive an immediate message from 8171 informing you about your eligibility status.

How can I check my BISP CNIC balance online?

With the 8171 Ehsaas NADRA Web Portal, you can use your CNIC to check the amount of your BISP. If you’ve recently gotten a message from the 8171 Help Center, you’ll find out everything you need to know about your present amount


The announcement of the BISP 9000 installment increase to 10,000 rupees signifies a crucial milestone in promoting socio-economic stability among disadvantaged individuals. The transition from the Shahbaz Sharif government to the caretaker government further solidified this decision, underlining its significance. The Benazir Kafalat Bank System ensures a seamless process of registration and installment disbursement, ensuring wider access to financial support. As these support programs continue, including the release of educational stipends, the government’s commitment to fostering the well-being of its citizens remains resolute.

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