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Bachat Scheme Program

The government has unveiled a new initiative under the Bachat scheme, designed for individuals receiving regular payments through the BISP program. This scheme is also open to newcomers interested in joining. However, there are essential considerations to ensure a successful application process.

Bachat Scheme Program Eligibility Criteria

1. Inclusion in the BISP Program

For seamless participation in the Bachat scheme, ensure your household’s mobile phone number is registered under the BISP program. Eligible participants include women receiving consistent payments through this program.

2. Valid CNIC

Having a valid CNIC is a prerequisite for joining the BISP program. If your CNIC is expired or hasn’t been created, initiate the CNIC application process to become eligible for program enrollment.

3. Financial Limitations

Participants must abide by financial constraints. Individuals with over 50,000 PKR in their bank accounts are ineligible for the Bachat scheme. Additionally, ownership of vehicles or significant sums in various financial avenues can render an applicant ineligible.

Application Procedure

1. Access the BISP Portal

Begin by navigating to the BISP portal through a simple Google search. Locate the specific page required for application submission.

2. Initiate Application via SMS

To commence the application process, send an SMS with the code “8171” to the designated number. This step is crucial for women currently enrolled in the BISP program.

3. Follow Portal Instructions

Once the SMS is sent, follow the instructions provided on the BISP portal for further guidance on completing the application.

Key Reminders

1. Financial Prudence

Avoid accumulating funds beyond the specified limit within bank accounts or other financial mediums. Non-compliance may lead to disqualification from the Bachat scheme.

2. Vehicle Ownership

Individuals with vehicles registered in their names may face ineligibility if financial holdings exceed the predetermined threshold.

3. Compliance is Crucial

Adherence to the stipulated guidelines ensures a smooth application process and increases the chances of enrollment in the Bachat scheme.

By adhering to these steps and considerations, aspiring participants can navigate the application process for the Bachat scheme seamlessly. Ensure compliance with the criteria and guidelines to maximize eligibility and potential benefits.

Utilize the provided information to access the BISP portal and initiate the application process promptly. Remember, compliance is key to securing benefits under the Bachat scheme.

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