Govt Decided to Give Solar Systems Through Ehsaas Solar Scheme

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Govt Decided to Give Solar Systems Through Ehsaas Solar Scheme

In a groundbreaking move towards sustainable energy and social welfare, the Government of Pakistan has unveiled the Ehsaas Solar Scheme, an initiative aimed at providing free solar systems to eligible households. Spearheaded by Sharjeel Memon, a former minister in the Sindh government, this scheme promises to transform the lives of families with limited electricity consumption. Under this visionary program, the government aims to alleviate energy poverty, reduce electricity bills, and contribute to a greener environment.

Purpose of Govt of Pakistan Solar Scheme

Purpose of Govt of Pakistan Solar Scheme

The Ehsaas Solar Scheme is a remarkable endeavor to bring solar power within the reach of Pakistani families. Eligibility for the scheme is determined by monthly electricity usage, specifically targeting households with consumption below 400 units. Originally launched for families in the Sindh region, the program has already witnessed considerable success. As of the latest data, over 200,000 families in Sindh have been equipped with solar systems, marking a significant step towards energy inclusivity.

Key Features of the Ehsaas Solar Scheme

Targeted BeneficiariesFamilies with monthly electricity usage below 400 units
Geographical FocusInitially launched in Sindh, with the potential for expansion
Solar System DistributionProvision of free solar systems to eligible households
Social ImpactReduction in electricity bills, especially for marginalized families
Environmental ContributionPromotion of clean and renewable energy sources

Cabinet Decision and Rationale

The impetus behind the Ehsaas Solar Scheme stems from a significant decision taken by the government. The approval by the cabinet of former Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif to increase electricity prices by over Rs8 per unit starting from July 1 sparked concerns about the impact on households, particularly those with limited means. To counterbalance this price hike, the government took the proactive step of launching the Ehsaas Solar Scheme, ensuring that families have access to a sustainable and cost-effective energy solution.

Ehsaas Sindh Solar Scheme

The decision to increase electricity prices by an average of Rs5.45 per unit raised concerns about affordability and financial strain on households. With the Ehsaas Solar Scheme, families can harness solar energy to meet a significant portion of their energy needs, thereby mitigating the impact of the price increase. By reducing reliance on conventional energy sources, families can enjoy stable electricity costs and contribute to a more energy-efficient nation.

The Road Ahead

As the Ehsaas Solar Scheme continues to illuminate homes across Sindh, its success has opened doors for potential expansion to other regions. The scheme’s dual benefits of lowering electricity bills and embracing clean energy align with Pakistan’s sustainable development goals. The government’s commitment to affordable energy and environmental responsibility is evident through this transformative initiative.


The Ehsaas Solar Scheme stands as a beacon of hope and progress, symbolizing the government’s dedication to the welfare of its citizens and the environment. By providing free solar systems to families with modest electricity consumption, Pakistan is taking a decisive step towards energy inclusivity, cost reduction, and sustainable living. This innovative program not only empowers households but also contributes to a brighter and cleaner future for the nation.

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