Ehsaas Program 10500 28 February New Payment 2024

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Ehsaas Program 10500 28 February New Payment

In Pakistan, the Ehsaas Program stands as a beacon of hope for the underprivileged, providing crucial financial support to those in need. The recent announcement of the new installment of 10500 rupees scheduled for February 28, 2024, brings relief to countless families across the nation. This article serves as a comprehensive guide to understanding the Ehsaas Program’s initiative, eligibility criteria, application process, and how to check your status conveniently.

Ehsaas Program 10500 28 February New Payment

The Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) has been instrumental in assisting vulnerable families for years. Acting as a lifeline for the poorest of the poor, it aims to alleviate poverty and ensure social protection. The Ehsaas Program, under the visionary leadership of the Government of Pakistan, continues this noble mission by extending financial aid to those who need it most.

New Payment Installment

Scheduled for February 28, 2024, the new installment of 10500 rupees signifies the government’s commitment to supporting its citizens during challenging times. This timely assistance aims to ease financial burdens and empower individuals and families to meet their basic needs with dignity.

To avail of the Ehsaas Program benefits, certain criteria must be met. Here’s what you need to know:

EligibilityNeedy and vulnerable families
Application ProcessVisit the nearest tehsil office to collect and submit your application
Checking EligibilityContact the BISP helpline number or check online
Required DocumentsNational Identity Card (NIC)

Application Process

  1. Visit Your Nearest Tehsil Office: Collect and submit your application form to ensure your registration.
  2. Check Your Status Online: The Government of Pakistan has streamlined the process, allowing applicants to check their eligibility conveniently from home.
  3. Contact BISP Helpline: If you prefer assistance, reach out to the BISP helpline number. A representative will guide you through the process and inform you of your status upon verifying your NIC.
Checking Eligibility

Wondering if you qualify for the Ehsaas Program? Here’s how to check your eligibility:

  1. Online: Visit the official Ehsaas Program website and follow the designated steps to check your eligibility status.
  2. Helpline Assistance: Dial the BISP helpline number and provide your NIC details to inquire about your eligibility.

Collecting Your Payment: If you’re deemed eligible for the Ehsaas Program, follow these steps to receive your payment:

  1. Visit Nearest Center: Upon confirmation of eligibility, visit your nearest center to collect your payment. Ensure to carry your NIC for verification purposes.


The Ehsaas Program’s new payment installment of 10500 rupees on February 28, 2024, embodies the government’s commitment to uplifting the underprivileged. By understanding the eligibility criteria, application process, and convenient methods to check your status, you can unlock vital financial support through this transformative initiative. Let the Ehsaas Program be your partner in overcoming financial challenges and building a brighter future for you and your family.

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