Punjab Government decided to Distribute 25000 E Rickshaws

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Punjab Government decided to Distribute 25000 E Rickshaws

In a significant move towards sustainable transportation and economic empowerment, the Punjab Government has announced the distribution of 25,000 E-Rickshaws through a new scheme across the province. This initiative, spearheaded by the Punjab Transport and Mass Transit Department, aims to revolutionize the transportation sector while addressing environmental concerns and providing livelihood opportunities. Let’s delve deeper into this groundbreaking development:

Registration Process Through the 'Retrofitted Three-Wheeler' Scheme Portal

Registration Process Through the ‘Retrofitted Three-Wheeler’ Scheme Portal

The Punjab Transport and Mass Transit Department has effectively enrolled 25,000 rickshaws through the ‘Retrofitted Three-Wheeler’ Scheme portal since its launch in January 2024. This online platform, developed by the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB), serves as a centralized hub for registration and documentation procedures. Here are some key highlights:

Key Statistics of E Rickshaws Scheme

  • 25,000 Enrolled Rickshaws: Through the initiative, thousands of rickshaw owners have successfully registered their vehicles with the government.
  • 22,000 Special Registration Vouchers (SRVs) Issued: As part of the effort, SRVs have been issued to facilitate the registration process and ensure compliance with regulations.

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Integration with e-Pay Punjab:

The portal is seamlessly integrated with e-Pay Punjab, facilitating convenient payment of relevant taxes and fees. This integration enhances efficiency and transparency in the registration process, benefiting both vehicle owners and the government.

Empowering Stakeholders and Enhancing Transportation Services

The distribution of E-Rickshaws not only empowers stakeholders but also contributes to the improvement of transportation services in Punjab. Here’s how:

  • Economic Empowerment: By providing E-Rickshaws to aspiring entrepreneurs, the government creates opportunities for economic empowerment and self-employment. These vehicles offer a sustainable means of livelihood, particularly for individuals from low-income backgrounds.
  • Environmental Sustainability: E-Rickshaws are eco-friendly alternatives to traditional fuel-powered vehicles, significantly reducing carbon emissions and environmental pollution. The adoption of electric vehicles aligns with the government’s commitment to combat climate change and promote sustainable development.
  • Efficient and Modernized Transportation: The introduction of E-Rickshaws enhances the efficiency and modernization of the transportation sector in Punjab. These vehicles are equipped with advanced features, including electric motors and rechargeable batteries, ensuring smooth and reliable operation.

How can I register my rickshaw under the ‘Retrofitted Three-Wheeler’ Scheme?

You can register your rickshaw through the dedicated portal created by the Punjab Transport and Mass Transit Department. Simply follow the online registration process and complete the necessary documentation.

Are there any financial incentives for registering my rickshaw under this scheme?

Yes, eligible rickshaw owners may receive Special Registration Vouchers (SRVs) to facilitate the registration process and offset associated costs.

Can I pay the registration fees online for the Electric Rakshaw Scheme?

Yes, the registration portal is integrated with e-Pay Punjab, allowing you to pay the relevant taxes and fees online conveniently.


The Punjab Government’s decision to distribute 25,000 E-Rickshaws marks a significant milestone in the journey towards sustainable transportation and economic development. The government aims to empower stakeholders, enhance transportation services, and mitigate environmental challenges through streamlined registration processes and innovative initiatives. This progressive step underscores Punjab’s commitment to building a greener, more prosperous future for its citizens.

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