Is CM Maryam Nawaz’s e-bike Scheme canceled?

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Is CM Maryam Nawaz's e-bike Scheme canceled?

Efforts to encourage eco-friendly transportation in Pakistan hit a roadblock when the Punjab government decided to cancel its plan to give out interest-free electric bikes. Instead, they suggested offering fuel-powered motorbikes with easy payment options. The government cited concerns about electric bike batteries being stolen and their limited mileage.

Why Was the E-bike Scheme Cancelled?

Why Was the E-bike Scheme Cancelled?

In a meeting led by Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz, it was decided that while electric bikes are better for the environment, they aren’t practical right now due to certain challenges.

The decision disappointed many people who were looking forward to cleaner transportation. Noreen Fatima, a student, expressed her sadness at the government moving away from electric bikes.

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Concerns Raised Regarding Electric Bike Scheme

Doctors like Dr. Ayesha Amir criticized the decision, warning about the health risks of fuel-powered bikes. They mentioned that diesel, which fuels these bikes, can cause diseases like cancer and breathing problems.

Environmentalists also expressed concerns, saying it’s urgent to invest in electric public transportation to improve air quality, especially in cities like Lahore. Lawyer Rafay Alam emphasized the importance of the government taking action against air pollution.

Challenges with Electric Vehicles

Responding to these criticisms, Hidayatur Rehman, a Marketing Manager for an electric motorcycle company, explained some of the challenges with electric vehicles. He mentioned problems with batteries and charging stations and said there needs to be a better plan to support electric cars.

Why did the Punjab government cancel the e-bike scheme?

Concerns about electric bike batteries being stolen and their limited mileage led to the cancellation of the scheme.

What did Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz say about electric bikes?

While acknowledging that electric bikes are better for the environment, she stated that they aren’t practical at the moment.


While the cancellation of the e-bike scheme disappointed many, the decision was made due to practical challenges. However, the need for eco-friendly transportation solutions remains crucial, and the government needs to address these challenges and find sustainable alternatives.

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