Breakfast Scheme to 5 Lac School Children in South Punjab

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Breakfast Scheme to 5 Lac School Children in South Punjab

Punjab Information Minister Uzma Zahid Bukhari has announced a significant initiative to provide breakfast to 500,000 schoolchildren in South Punjab. This initiative aims to ensure that children have access to a nutritious meal, which is essential for their physical and cognitive development. Speaking on Geo News program Geo Pakistan, Uzma Bukhari provided details about this project, emphasizing its importance and the positive impact it will have on the children of South Punjab.

Importance of the Breakfast Scheme

Importance of the Breakfast Scheme

Ensuring that children have access to a nutritious breakfast is crucial for their overall well-being and academic performance. Studies have shown that a healthy breakfast improves concentration, memory, and mood, leading to better academic achievement. By providing breakfast to school children in South Punjab, the government aims to address the issue of malnutrition and improve the learning outcomes of students.

Key Features of the Breakfast Scheme

  • Coverage: The scheme will provide breakfast to 500,000 schoolchildren in South Punjab.
  • Nutritious Meals: The breakfast provided will be nutritious, ensuring that children receive the essential nutrients they need for healthy growth and development.
  • Implementation: The project is set to commence in the coming months, ensuring timely implementation for maximum impact.
  • Focus on South Punjab: The initiative is specifically targeted towards school children in South Punjab, addressing the needs of a vulnerable population.

Initiatives to Enhance Public Welfare

In addition to the Breakfast Scheme, Punjab Information Minister Uzma Bukhari highlighted other initiatives aimed at enhancing public welfare in the region. These initiatives include:

1. Emergency Pink Helpline

  • The Emergency Pink Helpline is a unique project designed to assist women and other vulnerable sections of society.
  • It will be linked to the police control system, ensuring swift response to emergencies.

2. State-of-the-Art Hospitals

  • The government plans to build state-of-the-art hospitals in the region.
  • These hospitals will utilize new technology to provide high-quality healthcare services to the residents of South Punjab.

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3. Environmental Initiatives

  • Plantation drives will be conducted on both sides of roads and highways to improve the environment.
  • Measures such as challans for smoke-emitting vehicles and artificial rain campaigns will be implemented to tackle environmental challenges.

When will the Breakfast Scheme for schoolchildren in South Punjab begin?

The project is expected to start in the coming months.


The Breakfast Scheme for school children in South Punjab is a commendable initiative aimed at improving the health and well-being of children in the region. By providing nutritious meals to 500,000 school children, the government is taking a significant step towards addressing the issue of malnutrition and improving educational outcomes. Combined with other welfare initiatives, this project reflects the government’s commitment to the well-being of its citizens and the development of the region.

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