Registration of 9000 BISP October Card Announced by Government of Pakistan

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Registration of 9000 BISP October Card Announced by Government of Pakistan

The Government of Pakistan has taken a significant step to support the impoverished families of the nation by launching the BISP Card exclusively for those enrolled in the October Benazir Income Support Program. This initiative aims to streamline the disbursement of financial aid to eligible families, ensuring they receive their assistance conveniently at home without any hassle.

Online Registration for BISP October Card Check 2023

In this endeavor, Chairperson BISP Shazia Murree has introduced an online 9000 BISP card check facility for individuals seeking information about the Benazir Income Support Program New Payment Check Online. This initiative is particularly targeted at individuals previously declared ineligible for the program in the last two years.

Online Registration for BISP October Card Check 2023

The Government of Pakistan has resolved to re-qualify individuals previously marked as ineligible through a fresh registration process. If you’re looking for details regarding online registration for the BISP card, this article provides comprehensive information. Moreover, individuals already eligible under the Benazir Income Support Program can easily check their balance on the BISP card.

The BISP card primarily caters to individuals facing difficulties in receiving their financial aid. Often, these individuals, particularly women, face deductions at cash centers, necessitating a more efficient solution. Recognizing this issue, the Prime Minister of Pakistan has sanctioned the introduction of the BISP card.

Eligibility Criteria for BISP October Card

The BISP card is designed for registration and financial assistance under the Benazir Income Support Program. Families meeting specific BISP criteria will be issued a free card. The card entitles them to avail of benefits under the Ehsaas program, providing much-needed financial support. The eligibility criteria include:

Poverty ScoreLess than 25%
National Identity CardShould possess a valid CNIC
Bank AccountShould not have an existing bank account
PassportShould not possess a passport
Employment StatusShould not be a government employee
ResidencyNo family member should be a resident of foreign countries

How to Register in the BISP October Program Through Card?

Registering for the BISP program is a straightforward process. Follow these steps to initiate your registration:

  1. Visit your nearest Benazir office.
  2. Submit your CNIC at the Benazir office.
  3. Wait for your token to be issued.
  4. Proceed to the registration room based on the token.
  5. Complete the registration form and provide the necessary documents.
  6. Answer questions about your family.
  7. Complete the registration process, including fingerprint verification.

Required Documents

Ensure you have the following documents for the registration process:

  1. National Identity Card (CNIC)
  2. Household gas and electricity bill
  3. NADRA B-form for your children

FAQs Regarding 9000 BISP October Card

What is the primary objective of the BISP Card?

The primary objective of the BISP Card is to furnish eligible families with a seamless means of accessing financial assistance provided by the Benazir Income Support Program.

How can I verify my BISP Card balance using my CNIC?

Beneficiaries can conveniently verify their BISP Card balance by inputting their CNIC number on the official Benazir Income Support Program website.

What are the eligibility criteria for the BISP Card?

To qualify for the BISP Card, families must possess a poverty score below 25 percent, lack an existing bank account, hold no passport, be non-employed in government positions, and have no family members residing abroad.


In conclusion, By following these guidelines and fulfilling the eligibility criteria, eligible families can now avail themselves of the BISP Card, ensuring a more convenient and accessible disbursement of financial assistance.

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