Families Start Receiving BISP New 23000 Installment

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Families Start Receiving BISP New 23000 Installment

In a significant stride towards providing relief to vulnerable households, the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) has initiated the distribution of the new 23000 rupee installment. This installment comes as a part of the Ehsaas Rashan Program, aimed at supporting families facing financial hardships. The new installment not only includes cash assistance but also encompasses essential food items, ensuring a comprehensive approach to alleviating economic burdens.

Distribution of the New 23000 Installment

Distribution of the New 23000 Installment

The BISP’s latest initiative, the Ehsaas Rashan Program, has commenced the distribution of the much-awaited 23000 rupee installment to eligible families. This installment encompasses both financial support and essential food items, furthering the program’s commitment to comprehensive welfare.

Dual Benefit of BISP New 23000

The Ehsaas Rashan Program’s unique feature is its dual approach to providing assistance. Beneficiary families not only receive a cash payment of 23000 rupees but also benefit from essential food items that help sustain their households during challenging times.

Methods to Check 8171 BISP Payment Status

Methods to Check 8171 BISP Payment Status

For those enrolled in the Ehsaas program who are anticipating the 23000 rupee installment, there are two convenient methods to verify their payment status:

Method 1: Online Portal

  1. Visit the official Ehsaas program website.
  2. Access the designated portal.
  3. Enter your national identity card number (CNIC) in the provided field.
  4. Input the security code shown in the image.
  5. Receive immediate information about your payment status.

Method 2: SMS Verification

  1. Send your CNIC number to 8171.
  2. Append the term “percent” (%) after your CNIC number.
  3. Wait for a verification message confirming your payment status.

Personal Assistance for Less Literate Individuals

Recognizing the diversity of literacy levels, the Ehsaas program has designed a simplified method for those who might find digital methods challenging:

  1. Type your CNIC number.
  2. Add “percent” (%) after your CNIC number.
  3. Alternatively, visit the nearest Ehsaas NADRA Tehsil Office for assistance.

Government’s Commitment to Welfare

The government, through the Ehsaas program, aims to extend support to individuals and families who are in dire need. The provision of the 23000 rupee installment showcases the administration’s dedication to improving the quality of life for the deserving and economically disadvantaged.

What to do if we Can’t Receive a Message for BISP for 23000 Cash?

In that case, individuals can easily verify their 23000 rupee payment status through their CNIC. By visiting the government website, beneficiaries can access information about their installment without any hassle.


The distribution of the BISP’s new 23000 rupee installment under the Ehsaas Rashan Program signifies a crucial step towards uplifting families facing financial constraints. This initiative not only provides financial aid but also ensures that households have access to essential food items, enhancing their overall well-being. The government’s commitment to supporting the vulnerable demonstrates a vision of shared prosperity and economic stability. If you’re eagerly awaiting your payment, follow the aforementioned methods to check your status and access the relief you rightfully deserve.

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