BISP Launches Whatsapp Channel for Quick Updates

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BISP Launches Whatsapp Channel for Quick Updates

In its continued effort to enhance accessibility and provide accurate information to the masses, the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) has introduced a Whatsapp channel. This initiative aims to streamline communication and counter misinformation, ensuring that beneficiaries and the general public stay informed about BISP’s various initiatives.

Why BISP Whatsapp Channel?

Why BISP Whatsapp Channel?

The launch of the BISP Whatsapp channel comes as a response to the need for a reliable and easily accessible platform for disseminating information. With the prevalence of fake messages and misinformation, it has become imperative for BISP to establish direct communication channels with its beneficiaries and stakeholders. The Whatsapp channel serves as a one-stop destination for authentic updates and announcements regarding BISP’s programs.

How to Join the BISP Whatsapp Channel?

To receive updates from BISP directly on your WhatsApp, simply follow these steps:

  1. Click the Link: Visit the official Whatsapp channel link provided by BISP: BISP Whatsapp Channel.
  2. Join the Channel: Click on the link to join the BISP Whatsapp channel.
  3. Stay Informed: Once you’ve joined, you’ll start receiving updates and information about BISP’s initiatives and programs directly on your WhatsApp.

What kind of information will be shared on the BISP Whatsapp channel?

The BISP Whatsapp channel will provide updates on all the programs and initiatives undertaken by BISP. This includes announcements, eligibility criteria, application procedures, and any other relevant information.

Can I register complaints or make inquiries through the BISP Whatsapp channel?

The WhatsApp channel primarily serves as a platform for information dissemination. However, beneficiaries and stakeholders can contact the BISP call center at 080026477 for complaints or inquiries.

BISP Contact Information

PlatformContact Details
Whatsapp ChannelBISP Whatsapp Channel
Call Center080026477


The launch of the BISP Whatsapp channel underscores BISP’s commitment to transparency and efficient communication with its beneficiaries and stakeholders. By leveraging modern communication channels like Whatsapp, BISP aims to ensure that accurate information reaches the masses promptly, facilitating access to its various programmes and initiatives. Join the BISP Whatsapp channel today and stay updated on all the latest developments and announcements!

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