BISP Kafaalat 10500 Payment Directly in Bank Account

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BISP Kafaalat 10500 Payment Directly in Bank Account

The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has recently introduced a new framework aimed at streamlining the process of disbursing social welfare payments to beneficiaries of the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP). Under this initiative, BISP beneficiaries will receive their 10500 payments directly into bank accounts, marking a significant step towards enhancing financial inclusion and promoting digital financial services across Pakistan.

Introduction to BISP Kafaalat 10500 Payment

Introduction to BISP Kafaalat 10500 Payment

The Benazir Kafaalat program is designed to provide financial assistance to vulnerable segments of society, particularly women, through direct cash transfers. The recent initiative by the SBP seeks to improve the efficiency and transparency of 10500 payment disbursal by enabling beneficiaries to receive their payments directly into bank accounts.

Facilitation Framework by SBP

The facilitation framework, developed in consultation with BISP and banks, aims to simplify the process of onboarding BISP beneficiaries for receiving social welfare payments. Here’s an overview of key aspects of the framework:

  • BISP Sahulat Account: Beneficiaries will be able to open a designated “BISP Sahulat Account” at any participating bank branch in their vicinity. This account will serve as a conduit for receiving BISP payments.
  • Phased Implementation: Given the large number of beneficiaries, the framework will be implemented in phases. Initially, a pilot phase will be conducted in Karachi and Lahore, targeting around 300,000 beneficiaries. Upon successful completion of the pilot, the framework will be extended to other cities in consultation with BISP.
  • Mapping of Beneficiaries: BISP has already mapped its beneficiaries with bank branches in their vicinity to facilitate the onboarding process. This ensures that beneficiaries can conveniently access banking services and receive their payments without undue hassle.

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Benefits of the BISP Banking Framework

The introduction of this framework is expected to yield several benefits:

  1. Efficient Disbursement: By enabling direct payments into bank accounts, the framework streamlines the process of payment disbursal, reducing administrative overhead and minimizing delays.
  2. Transparency: Direct payment into bank accounts enhances transparency, as it enables tracking of funds from disbursement to utilization, thereby reducing the likelihood of mismanagement or fraud.
  3. Financial Inclusion: The initiative promotes financial inclusion by encouraging BISP beneficiaries, particularly women, to become part of the formal banking system. Access to banking services can empower beneficiaries economically and improve their financial literacy.
  4. Digitization of Financial Services: By embracing digital payment mechanisms, the framework contributes to the ongoing digitization of financial services in Pakistan. This not only enhances convenience for beneficiaries but also fosters a more robust and resilient financial ecosystem.

How can BISP beneficiaries open a BISP Sahulat Account?

Beneficiaries can visit any designated bank branch in their vicinity to open a BISP Sahulat Account. The process is designed to be simple and can be completed in a single visit.

What documents are required to open a BISP Sahulat Account?

Typically, beneficiaries need to provide valid identification documents such as CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) and proof of address.

How will beneficiaries receive their payments once the account is opened?

Upon opening a BISP Sahulat Account, beneficiaries will receive their payments directly into their bank accounts through electronic transfer mechanisms.

Is there any cost associated with opening and maintaining a BISP Sahulat Account?

No, beneficiaries are not charged any fees for opening or maintaining a BISP Sahulat Account. The aim is to ensure accessibility and affordability for all.


The introduction of the BISP Kafaalat 10500 Payment framework represents a significant milestone in enhancing financial inclusion and promoting transparent and efficient social welfare payments in Pakistan. By leveraging banking infrastructure and digital technologies, the initiative holds the promise of improving the livelihoods of BISP beneficiaries and contributing to broader socioeconomic development in the country.

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