Steps for New 8171 Registration of 9000 Through BISP Dynanic Survey

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Steps for New 8171 Registration of 9000 Through BISP Dynanic Survey

In order to be part of the social security program offered by the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP), it is crucial to register in the National Socio-Economic Registry. This registry collects household information through a survey, ultimately determining the socio-economic status of all households. This article outlines the steps for registering through the BISP Dynamic Survey using the 8171 service for a seamless registration process.

BISP NSER Dynamic Survey Update

BISP NSER Dynamic Survey Update

The Pakistani government is now allowing people to sign up online for the BISP Dynamic Survey. This survey aims to add new families that were missed during the 8171 Ehsaas Program survey. The main goal is to register more families that qualify for assistance and do more surveys in the future in Pakistan. Many households will be registered in 2023-24 through this survey. It’s considered more dependable than the NSER service.

Required Documents for BISP Dynanic Survey

If you want to participate in the BISP Dynamic Survey, then you have to visit the BISP center with the following documents:

  • Original identity card of a spouse.
  • Original B-form of children.
  • Household electricity and gas bill.

Step 1: Wait for the Survey Invitation

  1. Families will receive an SMS or letter from 8171 indicating their selection for the survey in the Benazir Income Support Program.

Step 2: Visit the Registration Center

  1. On the specified date, visit the registration center located in the tehsil office of the Benazir Income Support Program.
  2. Families not yet part of the survey can also visit the center and bring the children’s ID form along with them, registering all or most of the children in the provided form.

Step 3: Obtain a Survey Token

  1. The staff at the registration center will issue a token for a new survey or an update in the survey.

Step 4: Participate in the Survey

  1. All women who have brought their Bay Form and identity card will be issued a token and will undergo the survey process.
  2. Wait in the designated waiting room for your token number and proceed to the registration group for verification.

Step 5: Answer Survey Questions

  1. A data entry operator will ask socio-economic questions pertaining to household members, education, health, employment, residence, assets, livestock, agriculture, etc.

Step 6: Thumbing and Verification

  1. After completing the BISP Dynamic Survey form, the names will be thumbed to confirm the provided information’s accuracy.
  2. Legal action can be taken against those providing incorrect information.

Step 7: Receive Survey Receipt and Confirmation

  1. Upon survey completion, a survey receipt will be provided, and you will receive confirmation of survey completion from 8171.

Step 8: Notification of Eligibility

  1. After the verification process, households will be notified of their eligibility through an 8171 message.

To ensure proper inclusion in the social security program by BISP, it is essential to follow these steps diligently and provide accurate socio-economic information during the survey. Your cooperation and honesty in this process will greatly contribute to the effectiveness of the program.

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