BISP 9000 Transfer for Two Types of Beneficiaries in March 2024

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BISP 9000 Transfer for Two Types of Beneficiaries in March

In March 2024, the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) is set to initiate a new installment, bringing relief to millions of beneficiaries across Pakistan. This article aims to elucidate the commencement of the installment, eligibility criteria, and the imperative of the re-survey for current beneficiaries.

BISP 9000 Transfer for Two Types of Beneficiaries

The anticipation surrounding the new installment of the Benazir Kafalat program is palpable, with beneficiaries eagerly awaiting the disbursement of funds. According to recent announcements, the new installment is slated to begin in March 2024, providing much-needed financial assistance to eligible individuals and families.

Eligibility Criteria

Understanding who qualifies for the BISP 9000 transfer is paramount. This installment targets two types of beneficiaries:

  1. Existing Beneficiaries: Those who have previously received assistance under the BISP scheme.
  2. New Applicants: Individuals meeting the program’s eligibility criteria for the first time.

Dynamic Survey and Re-Survey Process

One of the pivotal aspects of the upcoming installment is the dynamic survey and re-survey process. Beneficiaries who have previously received funds are required to undergo a re-survey to ensure continued eligibility. The dynamic survey aims to assess the current socio-economic status of beneficiaries accurately.

Survey DeadlineJune 30, 2024
ConsequencesFailure to undergo re-survey may result in discontinuation of financial assistance.
Re-Survey InitiationThe survey process has already commenced, allowing beneficiaries to participate immediately.
Implications of Re-Survey

Completion of the re-survey holds significant implications for beneficiaries:

  1. Immediate Aid: Beneficiaries who complete the re-survey promptly will continue to receive financial assistance without interruption.
  2. Future Eligibility: Those deemed eligible post-survey will retain their eligibility indefinitely. However, any significant change in socioeconomic status may affect eligibility.
  3. Disqualification: Failure to meet eligibility criteria or significant changes in circumstances post-June 30, 2024, may result in permanent disqualification. However, individuals can reapply after two years if disqualified.


As the BISP 9000 transfer for two types of beneficiaries approaches in March 2024, both existing and new applicants must understand the significance of the dynamic survey and re-survey process. By ensuring timely participation and meeting eligibility criteria, beneficiaries can secure financial stability and support for themselves and their families. We urge all eligible individuals to partake in the re-survey and avail themselves of the benefits offered by the program.

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