BISP 8500 Kafalat Program New September Qist Update

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BISP 8500 Kafalat Program New September Qist Update

The government of Pakistan is set to extend a helping hand to its people through the much-anticipated Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) 8500 Kafalat Program. This initiative comes as a relief after a period of delayed aid distribution during the caretaker government’s tenure. Now, the wait is finally over as the Kafalat program is ready to provide essential support to those in need. In this update, we’ll delve into the details of the latest changes and developments in the program, focusing on the September installment.

Latest Updates on the September Kafalat Program

Latest Updates on the September Kafalat Program

The government has recently disclosed crucial updates about the upcoming episode of the Benazir Kafalat program. Initially, there were reports suggesting the implementation of the program from the 15th of the month, initiating account transfers. However, based on the final decision, we are pleased to inform you about the latest developments regarding the Kafalat program and its beneficiaries, especially the children.

New date of BISP 8500 Kafalat Program

Starting from September 20, educational scholarships will be disbursed simultaneously alongside regular Kafalat payments. Numerous recipients will find these funds credited to their accounts, ensuring financial support for various essential needs.

Payment Crediting Details

Notably, payments will be credited to specific accounts from the previous day of Rs. 9,000 withheld in the prior installment. However, it’s important to highlight that the transfer process might not be immediate for all accounts. Therefore, patience is essential until the 20th when the Rs. 9,000 balance will be transferred to all accounts, accessible through nearby agents and designated centers.

Important Message for Kafalat Program Families by the Government of Pakistan

For housewives and working women, safeguarding your fingerprints is crucial. Sometimes, issues with thumb recognition can hinder payment reception. Hence, it’s advisable to take extra care of your thumb impressions to avoid any complications during the payment disbursement.

Kafalat Program New September Qist Through ATM

It’s worth mentioning that problems related to ATMs have been acknowledged, and the government is working on a solution. Although no final news has been released regarding the resolution date for ATM challenges, efforts are in progress to streamline this aspect of the program. In the meantime, installment disbursements for the sponsorship program will commence promptly.


In conclusion, the BISP 8500 Kafalat Program is gearing up to provide vital support to deserving individuals in Pakistan. The government’s commitment to improving this initiative is evident through the proactive steps taken to ensure smoother payment processes and address prevailing challenges. Stay tuned for further updates on the program’s enhancements, aiming to benefit a broader spectrum of the population.

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