BISP 18000 Rashan Program November Installment Started

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BISP 18000 Rashan Program

The BISP 18000 Rashan Program November installment has kicked off, offering substantial relief to eligible families across Pakistan. This initiative, aimed at providing essential support to households, encompasses various benefits, including the Muft Atta scheme.

How to Apply For BISP 18000 Rashan Program

To enroll in this program promptly, individuals can access the 8070 BISP portal and complete the application process. Successful applicants will seamlessly become a part of the Muft Atta scheme, further solidifying their eligibility for benefits. The Rashan program is commencing, encompassing every eligible family as part of the government’s concerted efforts to extend support.

BISP 18000 Rashan Program Scheme

The program aims to ensure that government-provided support reaches all eligible individuals. Notably, the Muft Atta scheme introduces a novel approach, significantly impacting households. Previously, many families were excluded from such governmental assistance, but this initiative strives to rectify that by offering a backup ranging from 10 to 20 kg in the form of government-issued bags.

Rashan Program Key Updates

As announced by the government, families should prepare themselves as the new installment of the Rashan program is just a month away. Eligible households are set to receive 9 thousand rupees, a substantial aid provided under this scheme. However, it’s imperative to note that possessing a valid identity card is a prerequisite for joining this program.

The process to benefit from this scheme is simple. Individuals need to present their CNIC at designated centers to ensure their inclusion in the BISP program. Those already enrolled can receive a subsidy of approximately 1500 rupees for one month’s Rashan from utility stores. However, it’s advisable not to solely rely on this subsidy, as the BISP program offers the full 9 thousand rupees to eligible beneficiaries.

Benazir Taleemi Wazaif

Apart from financial aid, the program also extends Taleemi Wazaif, providing further assistance to enrolled households. Given the fluctuating market prices, especially regarding wheat, where costs have escalated from around 4000 to potentially reaching 5000, this program’s support becomes even more crucial for families.


The BISP 18000 Rashan Program November Installment marks a pivotal moment for eligible households in Pakistan. As the government endeavors to support families in need, this initiative stands as a beacon of hope, offering essential financial aid and sustenance in challenging times. With the impending installment just a month away, it’s crucial for eligible individuals to complete their enrollment and avail themselves of the benefits provided under this commendable scheme.

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