BISP 12 New Sites for 10500 April Installment

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BISP 12 New Sites for 10500 April Installment

The Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) continues to extend its reach and support to registered women across various districts. In a recent development, the district administration has established 12 new sites under the “Unconditional Cash Transfer Programme” by the management of the BISP. These sites aim to provide installments of Rs 10,500 to eligible beneficiaries, ensuring financial assistance reaches those in need. Let’s delve into the details of this initiative and the locations where these sites have been set up.

Establishing BISP Supportive Sites

Establishing BISP Supportive Sites

The initiative spearheaded by the district administration emphasizes the importance of providing administrative support to the Benazir Kafaalat and Taleemi Wazaif program. Assistant commissioners have been designated as focal persons to ensure the smooth functioning of the program. Additionally, to cater specifically to the needs of women beneficiaries, lady police personnel have been deployed at the sites, with special seating arrangements in place.

Locations of the New Benazir Kafalat Sites

The following table outlines the locations where the new sites have been established:

Sports Complex Ghulam MuhammadabadGhulam Muhammadabad
Crescent Sports Complex SheikhupuraSheikhupura Road
Sahulat Bazaar DijkotDijkot
Chak 61-JB Ada Nadwala BungalowChak 61-JB Ada Nadwala Bungalow
Municipal Committee Office and Municipal LibraryJaranwala
Tehsil Sports Complex and Municipal Committee OfficeChak Jhumra
Municipal Committee Office and Government Post Graduate CollegeGeneral Bus Stand, Samundri
Old Sports Complex Building at Canal RoadTandlianwala
Bungalow/Rest House of Irrigation DepartmentMamu Kanjan

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Necessary directives have been issued to relevant departments to ensure the safety and convenience of beneficiaries at these sites. Measures include the installation of walk-through gates, provision of rescue and firefighting arrangements, setting up medical camps, and maintaining cleanliness at the sites. These efforts underscore the commitment to providing a secure and supportive environment for women accessing BISP assistance.

Who is eligible to receive the installment at these BISP sites?

Registered women beneficiaries under the Benazir Income Support Programme can receive the installment.

What documentation is required to collect the installment?

Beneficiaries are required to present their BISP identification cards for verification purposes.

Are there any specific timings for collecting the installment?

Timings for installment distribution will be communicated through official channels and local announcements.


The establishment of these 12 new sites for the distribution of BISP installments reflects a concerted effort to enhance the accessibility and effectiveness of the program. By prioritizing the needs of registered women beneficiaries and ensuring the provision of essential support services, the initiative underscores the commitment to inclusive development and social welfare.

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