2 Types of new Families added for BISP 10500 Cash in Ramadan

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2 Types of new Families added for BISP 10500 Cash in Ramadan

In the spirit of Ramadan, the government of Pakistan has announced additional support for families in need through the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP). This initiative aims to provide relief to vulnerable communities during the holy month, ensuring they have access to essential items and financial assistance. Let’s delve into the details of this program and understand who exactly benefits from it.

2 Types of Families Included in the BISP 10500 Program

Introduction to the Ramadan Relief Program

The Ramadan Relief Program is a special initiative by the government to support families facing economic hardship, particularly during the month of fasting. Under this program, eligible beneficiaries receive various forms of aid, including free atta (flour), ration, and cash assistance. It’s a concerted effort to ensure that no one goes hungry or lacks essential resources during this sacred time.

2 Types of Families Included in the BISP 10500 Program

1. Regular Beneficiaries of Benazir Income Support Program (BISP)

The first category of beneficiaries comprises individuals who are already enrolled in the Benazir Income Support Program. Specifically, those with a Poverty Means Test (PMT) score of less than 25 are eligible for additional support during Ramadan. They receive 10 kg of free flour along with 2 kg each of ghee, sugar, rice, and gram flour. This assistance is provided under the Nigehbaan Ramadan program, ensuring that these families have the necessary provisions to observe Ramadan comfortably.

2. New Recipients Identified Through Phone Calls

The government has also expanded its outreach efforts to include families not currently enrolled in the BISP. Through a comprehensive phone survey, households were contacted, and their details were recorded for assessment. Those meeting the eligibility criteria were then selected to receive aid under the Ramadan Relief Program. This proactive approach has allowed many previously underserved families to benefit from free atta and ration hampers.

How can I check if I’m eligible for assistance under the Ramadan Relief Program?

Eligibility can be checked online through the PMT Score Check or Ramadan Subsidy Portal. Simply search for these terms in your mobile browser to access the Utility Store Corporation’s portal. Using your ID card, you can determine your eligibility and avail of the subsidy at your nearest utility store.

Will the increased installment of Rs. 12,500 for Balochistan beneficiaries be permanent?

No, the increased installment is specific to this Ramadan and does not signify a permanent change. Balochistan beneficiaries will continue to receive their regular installments of Rs. 10,500 thereafter.

Will other provinces receive similar assistance like Ramadan Relief in the future?

The assistance provided varies across provinces. While Balochistan beneficiaries receive additional support this Ramadan, other provinces have their aid programs in place. For instance, beneficiaries in Sindh province receive immediate cash assistance of five thousand rupees.


The Ramadan Relief Program underscores the government’s commitment to supporting vulnerable communities, ensuring that they have the means to observe Ramadan with dignity and ease. By extending assistance to both existing BISP beneficiaries and newly identified households, the program aims to alleviate hardship and foster a sense of solidarity during this auspicious month.

In summary, the inclusion of two types of families in the BISP 10500 Cash program for Ramadan reflects a comprehensive approach to addressing the needs of vulnerable communities, ensuring that no one is left behind during this time of reflection and generosity.

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