8500/9000 BISP Kafalat Program August Month Installment

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8500/9000 BISP Kafalat Program August Month Installment

The Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) Kafalat Program plays a crucial role in providing financial assistance to vulnerable families in Pakistan. The program’s August month installment brings great news for both existing beneficiaries and those who are newly eligible. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of the 8500/9000 BISP Kafalat Program August Month Installment, highlighting the new payment date, the amount to be disbursed, and the important steps beneficiaries need to take to ensure a seamless payment process.

Overview of the BISP Kafalat Program

Overview of the BISP Kafalat Program

The Benazir Income Support Program’s Kafalat Program is a lifeline for low-income families in Pakistan, providing financial assistance to improve their quality of life. The program aims to alleviate poverty by offering regular cash disbursements to eligible households.

BISP 8171 Kafalat August Month Installment Updates

BISP 8171 Kafalat August month update like date, amount you get, and location of getting the amount are described below:

Payment Date of BISP Kafalat Program

The eagerly awaited August month installment of the 8500/9000 BISP Kafalat Program is scheduled to be disbursed after the 15th of September. This provides beneficiaries with ample time to plan and manage their finances effectively.

Payment Amount of Kafalat Program August

Eligible beneficiaries will receive a cash payment of 8500 rupees in this installment. This financial support serves as a valuable resource to help families meet their essential needs and contribute to their overall well-being.

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Payment Notifications

Beneficiaries will receive payment updates through SMS notifications. However, it’s important to note that only Telenor customers may not receive these updates. To ensure you stay informed about your payment status, follow the steps mentioned below.

Important Notice for Telenor Customers from BISP Kafalat

If you are a Telenor customer, please be aware that you might not receive payment updates through SMS. To overcome this issue and stay informed about your BISP Kafalat payment, consider changing your registered mobile number.

Updating Mobile Number through BISP Nadra

To change your mobile number and receive timely payment notifications, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the nearest BISP office or Nadra center.
  2. Provide necessary identification documents for verification.
  3. Fill out the mobile number update form.
  4. Submit the form and await confirmation.

Updating your mobile number ensures that you stay connected with important updates related to the BISP Kafalat Program, including payment schedules and other relevant information.


The BISP Kafalat Program’s August month installment brings positive news for both existing beneficiaries and newly eligible individuals. The program’s commitment to supporting vulnerable families remains steadfast, and the 8500 rupees cash payment will undoubtedly make a significant impact on the lives of those in need. By taking the necessary steps to update mobile numbers through BISP Nadra, beneficiaries can guarantee that they remain informed and receive their payments without any hassle.

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