80% Success Ratio of BISP 10500 January to March Distribution

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80% Success Ratio of BISP 10500 January to March Distribution

The Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) AJK region, under the leadership of Zonal Director Dr. Abdul Aziz Qureshi, has reached a significant milestone in its BISP Kafaalat Disbursement Program. With the successful disbursement of Rs 879,928,500 to over eighty-five thousand BISP beneficiaries from January to March, the program has achieved an impressive success rate exceeding 80 percent.

 Benazir Kafaalat Disbursement Program

Benazir Kafaalat Disbursement Program

In a press release, Dr. Abdul Aziz Qureshi expressed his delight at witnessing the substantial progress and impact of the Benazir Kafaalat Disbursement Program. He highlighted the program’s vital role in poverty alleviation and empowering disadvantaged communities, emphasizing its remarkable efficiency and impact since its inception.

Key Achievements of BISP 10500 January to March Distribution

  • Financial Aid Disbursed: Rs 879,928,500
  • Beneficiaries Reached: Over 85,000
  • Success Rate: Exceeding 80%

Dr. Abdul Aziz Qureshi emphasized that surpassing 80,517 beneficiaries demonstrates the program’s effectiveness in addressing the financial needs of BISP beneficiaries. He reiterated the organization’s commitment to delivering tangible results and making a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals and families across the state.

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Factors Contributing to BISP Success

The success of the BISP Kafaalat Disbursement Program can be attributed to:

  • Dedicated Team: Efforts of BISP’s dedicated team.
  • Supportive Stakeholders: Unwavering support of stakeholders, including government agencies, partner organizations, and communities.
  • Transparent Process: Transparent and efficient disbursement process.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation: Rigorous monitoring and evaluation mechanisms to ensure assistance reaches those in need.

As BISP continues its mission to enhance the welfare of marginalized populations and promote sustainable livelihoods, the organization remains steadfast in its commitment to innovation, accountability, and equitable access to opportunities for all.

How is the BISP success rate calculated?

The BISP success rate is calculated based on the percentage of beneficiaries reached and the amount of financial aid disbursed compared to the target set.

How does BISP ensure transparency in the disbursement process?

BISP ensures transparency through a rigorous monitoring and evaluation mechanism, coupled with a transparent disbursement process.


The success of the BISP Kafaalat Disbursement Program reflects the commitment of BISP and its stakeholders to improving the socio-economic well-being of vulnerable populations. With an 80% success ratio achieved from January to March, the program continues to make significant strides in poverty alleviation and empowerment.

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