Maryam Nawaz unveiled plans to Distribute 50000 Solar Systems

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Maryam Nawaz unveiled plans to Distribute 50000 Solar Systems

Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif has embarked on a groundbreaking initiative aimed at revolutionizing energy consumption in the province. The ambitious plan involves the distribution of 50,000 solar systems, signaling a significant stride toward sustainable energy solutions.

Unveiling the Solar Scheme by CM

Unveiling the Solar Scheme by CM

In a recent review meeting chaired by Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz, plans were unveiled to distribute 50,000 solar systems across Punjab. The initiative underscores the government’s commitment to promoting renewable energy and reducing reliance on conventional power sources.

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The solar systems set to be distributed will feature cutting-edge technology, including advanced solar plates, inverters, batteries, and other essential components. This emphasis on innovation reflects the government of Pakistan dedication to providing efficient and reliable energy solutions to citizens.

Investment and Implementation in Solar Scheme

With an initial allocation of Rs 12.6 billion for the first phase, the solar scheme aims to enhance energy efficiency and sustainability across Punjab. The investment signifies a strategic move towards mitigating energy crises and fostering economic development through renewable energy projects.

During the review meeting, Chief Minister Nawaz emphasized the urgency of installing one-kilowatt solar systems and urged the adoption of the latest solar technology. This proactive approach highlights the government’s determination to expedite the implementation process and deliver tangible results to the people.

Collaboration with China for Solar Systems

Chief Minister Nawaz welcomed Chairman Wang Yaodong of China State Construction Engineering Corporation, recognizing the potential for collaboration between China and Pakistan in the renewable energy sector. The partnership holds promise for leveraging expertise and resources to accelerate the deployment of solar solutions.

What is the objective of distributing 50,000 solar systems?

The primary goal is to promote sustainable energy practices and reduce reliance on conventional power sources, thereby addressing energy challenges and fostering economic growth.

How will the solar systems be distributed?

The distribution process will be conducted systematically, prioritizing areas with limited access to electricity and ensuring equitable distribution across Punjab.


Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz’s decision to distribute 50,000 solar systems represents a significant milestone in Punjab’s journey towards sustainable energy. Through technological innovation, strategic investment, and collaboration with international partners, the initiative promises to transform the energy landscape, benefitting citizens and the environment alike.

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