0.64 Million Families Have Received Their 5000 Ramadan Eid Gift

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0.64 Million Families Have Received Their 5000 Ramadan Eid Gift

In a recent announcement, Punjab Provincial Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Uzma Bukhari, revealed that the government has successfully delivered Ramadan care packages to 640,000 families across the province, each valued at Rs. 5000. This initiative underscores the government’s dedication to improving the lives of its citizens, particularly during significant religious occasions such as Ramadan and Eid.

Minister Bukhari's Address: Prioritizing Eid Gift

Minister Bukhari’s Address: Prioritizing Eid Gift

During a press briefing held in Lahore, Minister Uzma Bukhari emphasized the government’s commitment to addressing the needs of the common man through the Ramadan Eid Gift. She highlighted the distribution of essential aid as evidence of their dedication to improving the livelihoods of citizens throughout the province.

Key Highlights of the Ramadan Eid Gift

  • 640,000 Families Reached: The government of Pakistan has provided Ramadan care packages to 640,000 families, ensuring they have the necessary resources during the holy month.
  • Value of Rs. 5000 per Family: Each care package is worth Rs. 5000, aiming to alleviate financial burdens and enhance the festive spirit during Ramadan and Eid.

Who is eligible to receive the Ramadan care packages?

Eligibility criteria are based on the socioeconomic status of families across Punjab and PMT score which must be less than 60, with a focus on those most in need.

What items are included in the care Ramadan Eid packages?

The packages typically contain essential food items, such as flour, rice, cooking oil, sugar, and dates, ensuring families can observe Ramadan with dignity.

Nawaz Sharif Kisan Card: Addressing Concerns and Initiatives for Development

In addition to the Ramadan care package distribution, Minister Bukhari disclosed the government’s approval of the Nawaz Sharif Kisan Card. This move has sparked discussions, particularly regarding including Nawaz Sharif’s image on the card. However, Bukhari defended the decision, citing Nawaz Sharif’s significant contributions to the nation’s progress and development.

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Furthermore, Minister Bukhari outlined Chief Minister Punjab Maryam Nawaz’s initiatives aimed at uplifting various sectors within the province. These include launching 30 programs in 30 days, with a focus on providing solar panels to 50,000 consumers and allocating a substantial budget for a farmer package.

Summary of Chief Minister Nawaz’s Initiatives

Provision of Solar PanelsProviding solar panels to 50,000 consumers, prioritizing households consuming up to 100 units of electricity.
Allocation of Farmer PackageAllocating a substantial budget of Rs 30 billion for a farmer package to support agricultural development.
Comprehensive Poverty SurveyConducting a comprehensive poverty survey within three months to ensure the inclusion of all eligible beneficiaries.
Waste Management ImprovementsInitiating efforts to improve waste management practices, including the establishment of a recycling plant.
Development ProjectsUndertaking various development projects such as Nawaz Sharif IT City and Safe City camera revitalization.
Environmental SustainabilityPlanting 18 lakh saplings across Punjab in a single day, showcasing the government’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

Minister Bukhari also criticized the previous government’s lack of substantial achievements, particularly in infrastructure development and essential service provision. However, she reiterated the current government’s pledge to prioritize the needs of the people. Promised initiatives include interest-free motorbike schemes, online property transfers for overseas Pakistanis, and enhanced women’s representation through a 15% quota.


In conclusion, the distribution of Ramadan care packages to 640,000 families reflects the Punjab government’s commitment to serving its citizens, ensuring they have the necessary support during religious observances. Additionally, ongoing initiatives aimed at socio-economic development underscore the government’s dedication to fostering progress and prosperity across the province.

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