5000 New Subsidy Rashan Scheme Plan for Middle-class families

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5000 New Subsidy Rashan Scheme Plan for Middle-class families

The burden of rising prices and limited access to subsidized rations has hit middle-class families hard. With the non-establishment of Ramazan Sasta Bazaars and the distribution of subsidized rations confined to a select few under the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP), the struggle for affordable essentials has intensified. However, relief is on the horizon with the introduction of the 5000 New Subsidy Rashan Scheme, aimed at providing crucial support to middle-class households across Punjab.

Key Features of the 5000 New Subsidy Scheme

Key Features of the 5000 New Subsidy Scheme

  • Wide Coverage: Unlike previous schemes, the 5000 New Subsidy Rashan Scheme is designed to cater to a larger demographic, ensuring more families benefit from subsidized rations.
  • Affordable Essentials: Under the scheme, essential food items such as atta, rice, ghee, sugar, and basin will be available at subsidized rates, easing the financial strain on households.
  • Transparent Distribution: The distribution process will be transparent and equitable, ensuring that eligible families receive their entitled rations without discrimination.
  • Ease of Access: Efforts will be made to streamline the application and distribution process, making it convenient for eligible families to avail themselves of the scheme benefits.

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Eligibility Criteria

  • The scheme is open to middle-class families residing in Punjab.
  • Priority will be given to households not currently benefiting from other government subsidy programs.
  • Applicants must meet specified income criteria to qualify for the scheme.

How to Apply for the Rashan Scheme for Middle-class Families?

  • Check the eligibility criteria for the Middle-class Rashan program:
    • Visit the 8123 web portal.
    • Click the button for criteria details.
  • If eligible, register by:
    • Sending CNIC number to 8123 via SMS.
    • Receive registration details via SMS.

Impact on Middle-Class Families

The introduction of the 5000 New Subsidy Rashan Scheme promises to bring much-needed relief to middle-class families grappling with financial challenges. By providing access to affordable essentials, the scheme aims to alleviate the burden of household expenses and improve overall quality of life.


The 5000 New Subsidy Rashan Scheme represents a significant step towards addressing the needs of middle-class families in Punjab. By providing subsidized rations to a wider demographic, the scheme aims to mitigate the financial burden faced by households and improve overall socio-economic well-being. As we look ahead, such initiatives must continue to be developed and implemented to support vulnerable communities and foster inclusive growth.

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