How to Avail 36000 Ehsaas Program Installments?

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How to Avail 36000 Ehsaas Program Installments?

The Government of Pakistan has initiated the Ehsaas 36000 Cash Program, aiming to provide financial assistance to eligible citizens in need. This program offers financial relief, but the disbursement is structured into multiple installments to ensure consistent support. In this article, we will guide you through the process of availing of the 36000 Ehsaas Program installments.

Partition of Ehsaas Program Installments

Partition of Ehsaas Program Installments

The Ehsaas 36000 Cash Program aims to distribute financial assistance in a phased manner. Instead of receiving the entire amount at once, beneficiaries will receive the cash in four equal parts, making it easier to manage and utilize the funds effectively. Each installment is worth 9000 Pakistani Rupees.

Installment Schedule for 36000 Ehsaas Program

The installments are disbursed every three months, providing a stable source of income to beneficiaries throughout the year. The schedule for installment distribution is as follows:

  1. First Installment: The distribution of the first installment will commence at the end of August, as stated by Shazia Jannat Marri, the Federal Minister for the Benazir Income Support Programme. This initial installment will be disbursed through Ehsaas NADRA.
  2. Subsequent Installments: Following the first installment, beneficiaries can expect to receive the subsequent 9000 Rupees installments every three months, ensuring a consistent flow of financial support.

Enrollment Process for Ehsaas Program Qist

To avail the benefits of the Ehsaas 36000 Cash Program, follow these steps:

  1. Join Benazir Ekum Program: Ensure you are enrolled in the Benazir Ekum Program to be eligible for the Ehsaas 36000 Cash Program installments. If you are not already a part of the program, consider reaching out to the relevant authorities to initiate the enrollment process.
  2. Pay Funds and Support: Make sure to fulfill any necessary payment requirements or documentation to ensure your eligibility for the installments. This might include verifying your identity and providing the required documents.

Can we get Ehsaas 36000 Program Installments through Easypaisa or JazzCash?

The Simple answer to this question is NO. You can only get your money through Ehsaas NADRA by your CNIC or Bank ATM under this Ehsaas Program.

Contact for Direct Answers

For any queries or concerns regarding the Ehsaas 36000 Cash Program, you can contact the program’s helpline. The helpline is designed to provide direct answers and assistance to beneficiaries.

Contact for Balochistan

n: If you are located in Balochistan and wish to discuss specific matters related to the Ehsaas 36000 Cash Program, you can reach out to the authorities responsible for the region. Their contact information is as follows:

  • Phone Number: 870048-0812
  • Alternate Phone Number: 870156-0812


The Ehsaas 36000 Cash Program offers a significant opportunity for financial relief to eligible citizens in Pakistan. By understanding the installment schedule, enrolling in the appropriate program, and staying informed through direct communication channels, beneficiaries can maximize the benefits of this initiative. Remember that the program aims to provide consistent support, enhancing the financial stability of individuals and families across the country.

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