3000 Benazir Masawat Program New Registration 2024

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3000 Benazir Masawat Program New Registration 2024

In a progressive stride towards inclusivity and social justice, the caretaker government of Pakistan has introduced the Benazir Masawat Program, aimed at extending economic assistance to transgender women, a marginalized group facing multifaceted challenges. This initiative, under the broader umbrella of the Benazir Khawajasara Program, seeks to alleviate poverty and promote equality by addressing the specific needs of transgender individuals.

Understanding the Masawat Program

Understanding the Masawat Program

The Masawat Program endeavors to provide financial aid to transgender women, granting them Rs. 3,000 every three months. It recognizes the unique struggles faced by transgender individuals and strives to empower them economically. This initiative is not just about financial assistance but also about fostering a more inclusive society where every individual has equal opportunities to thrive.

Eligibility and Benefits

  • Transgender females above the age of forty are eligible for sponsorship under the Masawat Program.
  • Additionally, disabled transgender individuals under forty who possess a transgender CNIC with the stated disability are also eligible for support.
  • The program offers unconditional cash benefits, with Rs. 3,000 per month for senior TGPs and Rs. 2,000 per month for disabled transgender persons.

Objectives of the Transgender Program

  • Mainstream transgender people into public decisions and the Benazir Khawajasara Program.
  • Protect transgender individuals from unemployment by providing consumption support.
  • Promote human capital accumulation and increase access to productive assets and income-generating activities.
  • Improve the health of transgender individuals to shield them from health shocks.

How to Register for the 3000 Benazir Masawat Program?

  1. Transgender individuals need to obtain a gender-specific ID card from NADRA.
  2. Visit the Benazir Income Support Program office to register for the Masawat Program.
  3. Online registration is also available through any branch of the Bank of Punjab, making the process more accessible and convenient.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the goals of the Benazir Masawat Program?

The program aims to provide transgender individuals with access to basic healthcare, employment opportunities, and full financial assistance.

With whom is the Benazir Masawat Program working?

The Benazir Equality Program collaborates with the Punjab Social Protection Authority and the Bank of Punjab to implement and facilitate the Masawat Program.

What is the Benazir Masawat Program and what is it for?

The Benazir Masawat Program has been launched by the government to assist transgender individuals in society, addressing their unique social challenges.


The Benazir Masawat Program represents a significant step towards fostering equality and inclusion in Pakistan. By providing financial assistance, healthcare access, and employment opportunities, it strives to empower transgender individuals and mitigate the challenges they face. With online registration options and support from various governmental agencies, the program aims to make a tangible difference in the lives of transgender people, promoting a more just and equitable society for all.

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