14000 Guzara Allowance Scheme Through Zakat Department

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14000 Guzara Allowance Scheme Through Zakat Department

In a bid to alleviate the financial burdens of the underprivileged, the Zakat Department, under the directives of the Chief Minister, has initiated the 14000 Guzara Allowance Scheme. This scheme aims to provide much-needed support to 110,000 registered families during the holy month of Ramazan. Let’s delve into the details of this significant initiative and its impact on the community.

Understanding the 14000 Guzara Allowance

Understanding the 14000 Guzara Allowance

The chief minister’s directive entails the disbursement of an Rs14,000 ‘guzara allowance’ to each of the 110,000 registered families. This allowance serves as a lifeline for many households struggling to make ends meet, especially during the heightened expenses associated with Ramazan.

Acknowledging the challenges posed by inflation and price fluctuations, the chief minister emphasized the importance of maintaining price stability during Ramazan. To achieve this, various measures have been put into action:

  1. Crackdown Against Profiteers and Hoarders: Divisional commissioners have been tasked with launching a crackdown against profiteers and hoarders. This proactive approach aims to curb artificial price hikes and ensure fair market practices.
  2. Balancing Demand and Supply: It’s not just about controlling prices but also about striking a balance between demand and supply. This equilibrium is crucial for preventing shortages and keeping essential commodities accessible to all segments of society.

Support from the Private Sector for the Guzara Allowance Scheme

The success of the 14000 Guzara Allowance Scheme hinges not only on governmental efforts but also on the support of the private sector and philanthropic individuals. Their contributions play a vital role in expanding the reach and impact of welfare programs, ensuring that no one is left behind in times of need.

To guarantee the effectiveness of the scheme and associated initiatives, the chief minister issued several directives:

  1. Price Regulation at Subzi Mandi: Representatives have been stationed at Subzi Mandi to oversee the auction of vegetables and fruits, ensuring fair pricing practices that benefit both consumers and vendors.
  2. Collaboration with Law Enforcement: The cooperation of law enforcement agencies is essential in enforcing price controls and cracking down on those engaging in unfair market practices. The district police have been instructed to support the administration in these endeavors.
  3. Mitigating Power Outages: Recognizing the importance of uninterrupted power supply during Ramazan, directives have been issued to utility companies to minimize load-shedding during Iftar and Sehar, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free fasting experience for all.

Who is eligible to receive the 14000 Guzara Allowance?

Families registered with the Zakat Department are eligible for the allowance.


The 14000 Guzara Allowance Scheme through the Zakat Department stands as a beacon of hope for thousands of families struggling to make ends meet. With the collaborative efforts of the government, private sector, and philanthropists, this initiative has the potential to alleviate poverty and foster economic stability in our society. As we embrace the spirit of giving during Ramazan, let us extend our support to those in need and ensure a brighter future for all.

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