1,25,000 Houses Scheme by CM Murad Ali Shah

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1,25,000 Houses Scheme by CM Murad Ali Shah

Chief Minister of Sindh, Murad Ali Shah, announced the completion of 1,25,000 houses for those affected by floods. This significant milestone is part of a larger initiative to construct 2.1 million housing units for flood victims, making it the world’s largest housing project for disaster relief.

Overview of the 1,25,000 Houses Scheme

Overview of the 1,25,000 Houses Scheme

In 2022, Sindh faced devastating floods that resulted in massive losses. In response, CM Murad Ali Shah launched an ambitious housing project to provide relief and rehabilitation to the flood victims.

Key Points of the Project

  • Project Scale: 2.1 million housing units
  • Completed Houses: 1,25,000
  • Project Support: Received assistance from the Geneva conference
  • Beneficiaries: Includes eight lac (800,000) women

Financial and Administrative Details

The federal and provincial governments each allocated Rs25 billion for this project. However, delays have occurred due to the federal government’s slow release of funds. Despite these challenges, the Sindh government remains committed to completing the project.

Project Awards and Recognition

The housing project has received accolades for its scale and impact. Ownership rights are being granted to the affected individuals, ensuring they have permanent homes.

Total Housing Units2.1 million
Houses Completed1,25,000
Funds AllocatedRs25 billion by both federal and provincial governments
Key BeneficiariesEight lac women
Support ReceivedGeneva conference
Current ConstructionEight lac houses under construction

How many houses have been completed so far?

As of now, 1,25,000 houses have been completed, with ongoing construction on an additional eight lac (800,000) houses.


The 1,25,000 Houses Scheme by CM Murad Ali Shah is a transformative initiative aimed at providing permanent housing to flood victims in Sindh. Despite financial and administrative challenges, the project is making significant progress, offering hope and stability to thousands of affected families.

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