Statistics of Salary Increase in Budget 2024-25

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Statistics of Salary Increase in Budget 2024-25

The 2024-25 budget has brought good news for federal government employees in Pakistan, especially those in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The announcement of salary and pension increases has been met with widespread enthusiasm. Let’s dive into the details of these changes and what they mean for government employees.

Key Highlights of Salary and Pension Increases

Key Highlights of Salary and Pension Increases

  • Salary Increase: A 25% increase in the salaries of federal government employees from Grades 1-16.
  • Ad-hoc Basis: Salaries of employees from Grades 17-22 will see a 20% increase on an ad-hoc basis.
  • Pension Enhancement: Pensions for federal government employees will be increased by 15%.
  • Minimum Wage: The minimum wage for laborers has been raised from Rs 32,000 to Rs 36,000 per month.

Detailed Breakdown of Salary Increases

The finance minister, Muhammad Aurangzeb, proposed these changes to help employees cope with rising inflation. Here is a more detailed look at the salary increases:

Employee GradeSalary Increase (%)Basis
Grade 1-1625%Ad-hoc
Grade 17-2220%Ad-hoc

Pension Fund Creation

In addition to salary and pension increases, the government also announced the creation of a pension fund. This initiative has been welcomed by federal employees, as it promises to provide more financial security for retirees.

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Employees’ Reactions

Federal government employees, including Khurshid Alam, Jalal Khan, Waris Khan, and Sajid Ali, expressed their happiness over the new budget. They appreciated the government’s efforts to address their financial difficulties amid the current economic conditions.

Laborers’ Response

Laborers also celebrated the increase in the minimum wage. The hike from Rs 32,000 to Rs 36,000 per month is expected to help them better manage their living expenses.

What are the salary increases for federal government employees?

Grade 1-16: 25% increase on an ad-hoc basis.
Grade 17-22: 20% increase on an ad-hoc basis


The budget for 2024-25 has brought significant financial relief to federal government employees and laborers in Pakistan. With increases in salaries and pensions, as well as the creation of a pension fund, the government has taken steps to address the economic challenges faced by its employees. The raise in minimum wage also shows a commitment to improving the living standards of laborers across the country.

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