Solution for 938 Error for Ehsaas 10500 Payments

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Solution for 938 Error for Ehsaas 10500 Payments

The Ehsaas 10500 Program has been a significant lifeline for many families, providing essential financial support. However, some beneficiaries are facing issues, particularly the 938 error when attempting to withdraw their money. This article aims to provide a comprehensive solution to this problem and guide beneficiaries on what steps to take.

Understanding the Ehsaas 938 Error

Understanding the Ehsaas 938 Error

The 938 error occurs when beneficiaries try to withdraw their installment but are unable to do so due to a system issue. This error has caused considerable distress among the recipients of the Ehsaas 10500 payments by the Government of Pakistan.

Causes of the 938 Error

  • System updates and maintenance
  • Incomplete or incorrect beneficiary information
  • Technical glitches at the withdrawal points

Upcoming Payment Solution in July

Good news for those affected by the 938 error: the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) is undergoing a complete system update. This update is expected to resolve the 938 error issue by the first week of July.

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What You Need to Do

  1. Visit the Nearest BISP Office:
    • Before the system update takes effect, you should visit your nearest Benazir Income Support Program office.
    • Provide detailed information about the 938 error you are experiencing.
  2. Report Your Problem:
    • Explain your issue in detail to the BISP staff.
    • Ensure your beneficiary information is complete and correct.
  3. Wait for the Update:
    • The final phase of the recent installments is set to begin in early July.
    • Patience is key, as the system update will address the 938 error and other related issues.

Additional Installments

  • Ehsaas 10500 Program: Regular installments will resume.
  • Benazir Education Scholarship Program: Payments for the children’s education have already been deposited in many accounts.
  • Benazir Kafaalat Program: Installments for the Benazir Kafaalat program will also be included in the upcoming disbursements.


The 938 error has caused inconvenience for many Ehsaas 10500 Program beneficiaries, but a solution is on the horizon. By following the steps outlined and waiting for the system update, beneficiaries can expect their issues to be resolved soon. For more updates, stay connected with your local BISP office and official announcements.

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