Punjab’s Education 30000 New Teaching Jobs Scheme

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Punjab's Education 30000 New Teaching Jobs Scheme

The Punjab government has launched an ambitious plan to hire 30,000 new teachers for public schools to tackle the ongoing teacher shortage. Here’s an overview of the initiative, its key features, and what it means for the education sector in Punjab.

Key Announcements and Details of the Teaching Jobs Scheme

Key Announcements and Details of the Teaching Jobs Scheme

Chief Minister’s Initiative:

  1. Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif is leading this initiative.
  2. Provincial Minister of Education Sikandar Hayat has been instructed to oversee the recruitment process.

Recruitment Details:

  • The recruitment will focus on hiring subject specialist teachers.
  • The Public Service Commission will handle the hiring process.

Phased Recruitment:

  • Recruitment will be carried out in phases.
  • The aim is to complete the hiring during the summer holidays to ensure a smooth transition.

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Historical Context

During Shehbaz Sharif’s previous tenure, 46,000 teachers were recruited, showing a consistent commitment to improving the education sector in Punjab.

New Policies and Changes for Teachers

Extra Weekly Holiday:

  • An additional weekly holiday has been announced to reduce teachers’ workload.
  • Schools will now be closed for two days a week.
  • Extended hours will be observed on Fridays.

Saturday Training Sessions:

  • Saturdays will be reserved for teachers’ training, lesson planning, and capacity building.

Benefits of the Scheme

  • Improved Teacher-Student Ratio: Hiring 30,000 new teachers will significantly improve the teacher-student ratio, enhancing the quality of education.
  • Specialist Teachers: Focus on subject specialists will ensure that students receive education from experts in each subject.
  • Teacher Development: Additional holidays and dedicated training sessions will help in the professional development of teachers, ultimately benefiting the students.

What is the main goal of the new teaching jobs scheme?

The main goal is to address the teacher shortage in public schools by hiring 30,000 new teachers.


The Punjab government’s initiative to hire 30,000 new teachers is a significant step towards addressing the current teacher shortage in public schools. By focusing on subject specialists and implementing supportive policies such as additional holidays and dedicated training days, the scheme aims to enhance the quality of education and promote professional development among teachers. This strategic move not only reflects a strong commitment to improving the education sector but also sets a solid foundation for the future of Punjab’s students and educators.

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