8171 Portal New Important Updates Dynamic Survey 2024

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8171 Portal New Important Updates Dynamic Survey

The 8171 portal, a crucial platform for beneficiaries, has recently announced significant updates regarding the dynamic survey for the year 2024. This article provides an insightful overview of the latest developments and sheds light on the implications for beneficiaries of the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP).

8171 Portal New Important Updates

Amidst the latest wave of survey messages, a claim has been made that a three-year interval or any similar duration is insufficient to address the concerns of the authorities. Consequently, all beneficiaries are required to resubmit their surveys, raising questions about the implications for the BISP headquarters.

The new policy mandates that individuals must complete their surveys once again. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in the suspension of payments. Offices across the region are actively conducting tests to ensure that beneficiaries adhere to this policy.

Clarification from BISP Offices

We reached out to the nearest BISP offices to clarify the scope of the survey. One key question that emerged is whether all women are subject to the survey or only those who have been pregnant for three years or more. The response from BISP offices indicated that there are two categories of women involved in this survey.

  1. Women Receiving Payments for Less Than Three Years:
    • For women who have been receiving payments for less than three years, discrepancies in their survey information have been identified. These individuals are required to resubmit their surveys due to inaccuracies, particularly concerning the amount received.
  2. Women Yet to Complete Three Years:
    • Beneficiaries who have not yet completed three years in the program are also receiving messages from 8171, urging them to re-enter their information. This communication aims to update the database accurately.

A notable development involves protests from individuals who contend that their survey information, submitted for the past three years, is inaccurate. Allegations suggest discrepancies in the disbursement of funds, leading to a call for a thorough review of submitted details.


As the 8171 portal initiates this dynamic survey for 2024, beneficiaries are urged to participate actively and ensure the accuracy of their information. The evolving policies and stringent measures underscore the commitment to maintaining transparency and efficiency within the Benazir Income Support Program. Stay informed, comply with survey requirements, and safeguard your entitlements to uninterrupted financial support.

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